Recruiting in New York City

  • Recruiting in New York City

    Long Island City, NY - February 07, 2020

    Recruiting in New York City | Express Employment Professionals Queens New York City has no shortage of qualified applicants to meet your staffing needs, but finding the right candidates can take considerable time and resources. Express Employment Professionals Queens is a locally owned staffing firm that offers recruiting in New York City for businesses of all sizes and types. Whatever your immediate or long-term hiring needs, we'll supply you with skilled and reliable candidates on your schedule.

    With our recruiting services in New York City, you can simultaneously expand the radius of your applicant search while gaining back the hours you would have spent reviewing resumes, interviewing applicants, checking references, and negotiating employment offers. We maintain a talented pool of applicants with an array of backgrounds, including light industrial, administrative, and professional services. 

    To ensure we provide exactly the right candidates for your needs, we'll consult with you and take an in-depth look at your business, from the specific roles you seek to fill to the day-to-day operations and company culture. In doing so, we can meet your current needs and provide ongoing support so your company continues to thrive.

    About Our Recruiting in New York City

    At Express Employment Professionals Queens, we offer a range of workforce solutions and recruiting options, whether you need additional support for a particular event, part-time assistance, or full-time direct hire candidates. We work closely with our company clients as well as our individual applicants, because our staffing specialists understand that sustained success comes from finding the best possible fit for every position we fill. 

    All our applicants undergo a multi-step vetting process to ensure their quality and competence as an employee. This process includes:

    • Authenticating the information they provide
    • Interviewing them about their experience and interests
    • Evaluating their professional skills via assessments
    • Confirming their past work experience through reference checks
    • Assigning work placements based on their professional and personal ability to meet the client's needs

    Express Employment Professionals Queens Serves Businesses Throughout New York City

    Hiring Express Employment Professionals Queens is a cost-effective way to meet your staffing needs and gain access to some of New York City's top talent - all without taking time away from the day-to-day management of your business. Our recruiting services are available in the following areas:

    Contact Express Employment Professionals Queens at (917) 832-6081 to find out more about our recruiting in New York City and start a conversation about your staffing needs.