About Our Staffing Agency in Newport News

  • About Our Staffing Agency in Newport News

    Newport News, VA - April 27, 2020

    About Our Staffing Agency in Newport News | Express Employment Professionals Newport News Recruiting new hires can be costly and risky. The last thing you want is to spend months hunting for qualified hires, only to have them leave shortly after. But our staffing agency can reduce the costs and risks associated with recruitment. At Express Employment Professionals Newport News, we offer employment solutions tailored to your business. From temp hires to executive-level recruitment, we're here to help.  

    Our agency works with job-seekers and businesses across all industries in the area. Each job candidate is carefully vetted not just for skills, experience, and training, but also for fit. We always look for the ideal match, so that your business can flourish.  

    Workplace Solutions With Our Staffing Agency in Newport News

    It's estimated that it takes each company somewhere between 30 to 100 hours to recruit one new employee. From drafting an initial job posting to pre-screening, interviewing, and reference-checking, the work can add up quickly. Our staffing agency makes it easy to find the perfect candidate without the cost, time, or stress of recruiting on your own. 

    How? At Express Employment Professionals Newport News, we're connected to job-seekers in the area across all experience levels and industries, from hard-working entry-level hires to veteran industry pros. Plus, we have access to the time-tested recruitment systems, tests, and procedures of our global headquarters, which can be deployed to find top candidates for any position. 

    Our staffing experts will handle all the work of recruitment and candidate selection. Each prospective job-seeker goes through a highly rigorous, multi-step process to verify credentials, assess fit, and confirm they're the right person for the position. We take care of job posting, pre-screening, skills testing, interviewing, and all other aspects of recruitment, bringing you only our top picks. 

    Express Employment Professionals Newport News Proudly Serves Our Business Community 

    As a locally owned, locally operated staffing agency, we believe that when the businesses in our community are thriving, it means we all thrive. We offer employer resources, management tools, and other highly useful programs to the businesses we work with in the areas of: 

    From leadership seminars to staffing reports, we give you exclusive access to tools, knowledge, and programs that can help your business grow. We're proud to be here for our business community. 

    If you're looking for new hires, contact the expert team at our staffing agency today. Get started by calling Express Employment Professionals Newport News at  (757) 596-8888