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  • 5-23-2018-Thumbnail Giving Up and Holding Out OKLAHOMA CITY - 05/23/2018 If you're unemployed in America today, chances are you have either given up looking for work, or you're holding out, waiting for the perfect job to come along.
    5-9-2018-Thumbnail As Summer Approaches, Where Are the Teenage Workers? OKLAHOMA CITY - 05/09/2018 With summertime approaching, images come to mind of teenagers heading off to summer jobs or high school graduates searching for their first gigs. But in reality, teenage employment is becoming increasingly rare.
    4-25-2018-Tight Labor Market-150x100 In a Tight Labor Market, High School Grads Can Make Big Salaries OKLAHOMA CITY - 04/25/2018 Across the country, high school students are making their final decisions about which college to attend in the fall. And millions of college seniors wonder if they will be able to find a job after graduation.
    4-11-2018-Whats-the-key-to-job-interview What’s the Key to a Successful Job Interview? OKLAHOMA CITY - 04/11/2018 The job interview begins the moment a candidate walks in the door, long before the first question is asked-according to David Robb, marketing director in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Express Employment Professionals office.
    3-28-2018-Failed-Drug-Tests-Thumbnail Drug Testing: Is It Time for a Change? OKLAHOMA CITY - 03/28/2018 With unemployment falling and the demand for workers rising, employers have had to rethink recruiting and hiring practices to find the talent they need to grow their businesses.