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  • Time’s Running Out to Learn from the Greatest Teachers Inside the Workforce

    OKLAHOMA CITY - September 01, 2023

    By Bill Stoller, Express Employment International CEO

    Six decades ago, the first baby boomers stepped into the workforce, and this Labor Day, the youngest members of their generation are wrapping up their careers and taking knowledge with them.

    Full disclosure: I am a baby boomer.

    While I have no plans to retire anytime soon, I do have the luxury of time and vast experiences to see the value that my colleagues have brought to employers and soon, the torch will pass to the next generation.

    For those just dipping their toes into the labor force, truly, your success is entirely in your hands! It’s hard to know as a young adult where your career will take you, but now is the time to build the foundation. Adopt a mindset of “constant learning” rather than “continuing education.” Professionally, my focus is the business world, and I consume business publications every day to stay up-to-date on industry trends.

    It’s important to discover what subject you want to be proficient in while in school and what is required to be a subject matter expert, but that education doesn’t just come from a formal classroom setting. Here at Express Employment International, 80% of our employees’ jobs consist of tasks that weren’t present when they first started because of how rapidly industries change. Being flexible, adapting to new circumstances and constant learning are invaluable skills that are necessary for success.

    To grow mentally, career-wise, seek out people within the workplace who are better at whatever you are after. The lessons you’ll learn can’t be taught anywhere else, which is why younger people should take the time to talk to more experienced people—sit with them—learn from them. When I was in high school, I would always sit at lunch with upperclassmen in the gym versus my peers because they had different experiences and thoughts.

    You must be proactive and put it on yourself to seek that kind of knowledge from other people.

    For my fellow boomers, you should be consciously aware that this is the time for succession planning and you are the driver for the process. Succession planning is for anyone who takes great pride in what they do, so the next leader can come in and do the job just as well upon retirement.

    Baby boomers should see the importance of their positions and want the best person to inherit that role, creating the space and environment for that to happen. It comes down to individual pride and consciousness on what is best for the organization you work for and leaving that professional seat better than you found it. Succession planning isn’t just your company’s responsibility; it’s yours, too.

    So, before you retire, invest in your new protégé and compel them to see the wisdom in asking, “OK, boomer. What can you teach me?”


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