Find a Job in Huntley

  • Find a Job in Huntley

    West Dundee, IL - March 29, 2021

    Find a Job in Huntley | Express Employment Professionals North Kane County Finding a job in the middle of a pandemic is likely not something you ever imagined yourself having to do. Embarking on a job search even in normal times can be tough, and in this moment of uncertainty it may be difficult to know how to approach the job hunt. If you want to find a job in Huntley and could use a little support, look to our hiring experts at Express Employment Professionals North Kane County. Our team of employment professionals has unique insights into the local job market and can assist you with finding a position where your skill set will be valued and your professional growth will be cultivated.

    Our Tips for Landing a Job in Huntley

    As you go about your job search, our experts have a few tips for adjusting to the new normal. These include:

    1. Don't shy away from online networking. While networking online may once have felt informal, in the times of social distancing it is a must. Start by joining professional groups on social media platforms and create a polished profile that demonstrates your expertise.
    2. Keep in touch with hiring managers. Were you in the middle of a conversation with a hiring manager that had to be put on hold because of the changes wrought by the pandemic? Don't be afraid to reach out with a gentle email letting them know you're interested in picking up where you left off.
    3. Invest your newfound time in yourself. Use your spare time to brush up on your skills and gain industry knowledge. You can take advantage of our career development resources at Express Employment Professionals North Kane County, which include computer software tutorials, education in safety standards, and training for communication with customers.

    We Can Help You Find a Job in Huntley

    Our hiring agency has a number of opportunities available across different fields. From part-time positions and temporary work to full-time roles and contract work, we have something for almost everyone. You can count on our experts to connect you with companies that are currently hiring in:

    • Huntley
    • West Dundee
    • Elgin
    • Algonquin
    • Carpentersville 
    • And nearby communities

    Could you use some help as you try to find a job in the Huntley area? We encourage you to reach out to our team at Express Employment Professionals North Kane County. Call (847) 426-0404 today to hear more about our services for local job seekers.