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    West Dundee, IL - June 03, 2021

    Staffing in Elgin | Express Employment Professionals North Kane County

    At Express Employment Professionals North Kane County, we tailor our staffing solutions based on what type of candidate you're looking for. It means we can always find qualified hires in Elgin who fit your needs and your workplace culture. We know it's not enough to find someone who has all the right skills and qualifications. They also need to have the capacity to succeed in your work environment, too. 

    Our workforce solutions are wide-ranging, so we can always accommodate the changing needs of the businesses we serve. From executive recruitment to direct hiring, we make sure you always have great talent in place to help your company run smoothly. 

    Let's take a look at direct hiring. 

    Is Direct Hiring The Right Choice For Your Business? 

    Direct hiring is just one of the workforce solutions offered by Express North Kane County. It allows you to directly bring on new hires, without a transition period or without going through our agency. For a one-time fee, we'll place a new candidate directly onto your staff, letting you take it from there. 

    When is direct hiring a good call for your business? Let's review a few key questions: 

    • Do you need short-term or long-term staff?  If you're only looking for temp hires, direct placements may not be the right fit for you. But if you need any permanent additions to your staff, direct hiring can help enormously. It's ideally suited for businesses who are looking to retain personnel for the long-term. 
    • Are you trying to fill a specialized role?  With specialized positions, finding candidates who fit the criteria can be tough-let alone finding great candidates. Direct staffing can help to ensure you find that perfect hire in Elgin. For potential candidates, it signals that you're serious about finding and recruiting the right person. 
    • Do you struggle to find good candidates?  Depending on your industry, finding good candidates may be tough in Elgin. Direct hiring can be a great way to boost your visibility and to expand your reach. It can help you locate out-of-town candidates who are interested in the position and willing to move, too. 

    Get Professional Support With Staffing in Elgin 

    Whether you need direct hires or you're looking for temp staffing, we can always help you bring on new staff quickly and efficiently. We work with businesses and potential candidates in:  

    • Elgin
    • Algonquin
    • West Dundee
    • Huntley
    • Carpentersville
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Find out how our staffing experts can help you streamline the hiring process. Companies in Elgin can contact Express North Kane County today at (847) 426-0404.