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  • Staffing in West Dundee

    West Dundee, IL - April 23, 2021

    Staffing in West Dundee | Express Employment Professionals North Kane County Staffing can be a frustrating process for many business owners in West Dundee. That's especially true when you're not using an agency. At Express Employment Professionals North Kane County, we know how much work is involved with running a business. Finding great new hires can feel like an impossible task on your own. It's why we help so many companies with their hiring needs. 

    We know there's a lot of myths about working with an agency, so let's dispel a few of the biggest myths right away: 

    • Myth: An agency can only supply temp workers. 
    • Myth: It's more expensive to use an agency.
    • Myth: You won't get any input on hiring decisions. 

    Let's review what's actually involved when you use a recruiting agency. 

    3 Facts To Know About Staffing in West Dundee 

    How does it work with Express North Kane County? We always tailor hiring options based on your needs and the needs of your business. Here are three crucial facts about our agency: 

    • We can find qualified personnel for any position.  Our agency offers full-time hiring support to businesses in West Dundee. Our recruiters understand the ins and outs of staffing. Whether you're looking for someone with management potential, a specialized skill set, or just a great work ethic, we'll find the perfect person for the job.
    • We can reduce the cost and time involved in hiring.  Finding new staff is an enormous expense for any business. It's estimated a company spends 150% of a new hire's salary just recruiting and training them. We reduce this cost significantly, not to mention the time involved. We offer an efficient, affordable hiring process.  
    • You can always weigh in before, during, and after hiring.  Our aim isn't just to find you a person for the job. It's to find you the right person. We'll always get your input, making sure we're truly targeting candidates with the right temperament and expertise to thrive in your workplace. 

    Get Started With Our Employment Agency 

    With Express North Kane County, you can secure outstanding personnel from:  

    • West Dundee
    • Algonquin
    • Elgin
    • Carpentersville
    • Huntley
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    We know a candidate who looks great on paper isn't always the perfect fit for the job. It's why we use multiple assessment methods to screen and vet applicants. We always want to bring you our top choice for any position.  

    Get started with our staffing agency in West Dundee. Call Express Employment Professionals North Kane County today at (847) 426-0404 for more information.