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  • Temp Agency in West Dundee

    West Dundee, IL - August 17, 2021

    Temp Agency in West Dundee | Express Employment Professionals North Kane County One of the things that sets our temp agency apart in West Dundee is the way we help workers prepare for temp placements. We know how important it is to be ready for your first day of work-and with temping, first days are a lot more frequent.

    Below, we've compiled 4 of our best tips for temp agency workers on how to have a successful first day at a placement.

    Tips for Your First Day at a Temp Placement

    1. Do Your Homework. The more information you have going into your first day, the more prepared you will be. When offered a placement by your temp agency, pay close attention to any information they offer, and ask questions if you need further details. After that, look the employer up online to get a better sense of their culture, values, and mission.

    2. Get a Good Night's Rest. A good night's sleep can dramatically improve your energy levels and ability to focus - essential qualities on your first day of work. Try to get at least eight hours of solid rest, and give yourself enough time to prepare in the morning.

    3. Be Ready to Answer Questions. The first day at a temp placement can be a little like a job interview. After all, it's likely the first time the employer will be able to ask you questions. We recommend preparing the same as you would for a job interview. Prepare a list of likely questions and then practice your answers in advance.

    4. Embrace the Opportunity. Any time you're starting a new role, it helps to embrace the opportunity. Even a one-day placement can be a steppingstone to bigger things, and your enthusiasm will help you perform your best work.

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