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    Shilpi Zalani


    For some business owners, franchising just seems to be part of their soul. Shilpi Zalani is one of those people. 

    "I've done franchising before," Zalani said. "I was looking for a new challenge and the right offer to sell my previous business came along."

    Zalani admitted that although she doesn't have staffing experience, she has recruited previously and was aware of Express Employment Professionals. 

    "I've only heard great thing about Express, so I began to explore opportunities with them," Zalani said.

    Soon, everything began to fall into place for Zalani. Express met key factors she was looking for-a comfortable investment range, a high ranking for franchise systems, and a strong earning potential. With those factors met, she reached out to Express and informed them of her interest in the Oakland, CA, territory. 

    Heading into Discovery Day at Express' International Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Zalani was looking forward to learning more about the company she wanted to join. 

    "Even before Discovery Day, I was pretty confident in my decision about Express," Zalani said. "Discovery Day provided me insight into the company culture and really showed the support Headquarters provides Franchisees. The previous franchising system I was in didn't provide support, so this was something I was definitely looking for." 

    And from day one, Zalani has been experiencing that incredible support. 

    "Even when I signed, I had strong support and my pre-opening coordinator has been helping me get up and started from the very beginning," Zalani said. "The support has added to having no regrets in my decision." 

    If the support from Express' Headquarters hadn't sold Zalani on joining the Express family, conversations with other Express Franchisees certainly did. In those conversations, they shared about their experience, the support, and the results they have experienced to date. 

    Although training is yet to come for Zalani and she admits to having some nerves, she is still excited about her journey and its purpose. 

    "It is very attractive to be able to help people," Zalani said. "There is purpose in working to put them to work. I want to put as many people to work as possible and as quickly as I can."

    Moving from one industry to another isn't necessarily the easiest, but Zalani is confident about what is ahead for her. 

    "Owning my own business provides me a sense of accomplishment," Zalani said. "I can see myself doing this (being an Express Franchisee) for a very long time." 

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