Medical Assistant Jobs in Olympia

  • Medical Assistant Jobs in Olympia

    Olympia, WA - December 07, 2021

    Did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected medical assistant jobs to grow by 18% between 2020 and 2030? This growth rate is significantly faster than the average for all types of occupations. If you're ready to take advantage of the job openings in this sector, Express Healthcare Professionals Olympia can help you find work with reliable companies in the local area. Our hiring agency excels at placing job seekers in roles where they will thrive, and we're excited to support you as you further your career in the medical field.

    About the Growth of Medical Assistant Jobs

    As the baby-boom population ages, demand will increase for preventative medical services. These services are typically provided by physicians, who require the support of medical assistants to serve as many patients as possible. It has also been forecasted that healthcare facilities such as group practices, clinics, and other organizations will be in need of support workers, contributing to the increase in available medical assistant jobs. 

    Partnering with the hiring experts at our locally owned and operated agency can enable you to find the best medical assistant position for your skill set, background, and unique professional aims. We will work strategically to help you find the per diem, contract, or direct hire job that will enable you to do fulfilling work, develop your industry-related knowledge, and achieve your career ambitions.

    Here's a quick overview of these medical assistant job types in the Olympia area:

    • Per Diem.  In these positions, payment is based on a "per day" basis and typically involves filling in for absent nurses.
    • Contract.  Local contract opportunities generally range from one to six months and may include various perks.
    • Direct Hire.  Our staffing professionals can place job seekers in core positions at thriving companies in the medical field.

    Making Medical Assistant Job Placements in Olympia and Beyond

    We are proud to maintain an extensive network of business contacts in the healthcare industry, enabling us to make efficient job placements that leave both applicants and employers satisfied.

    For example, we often have medical assistant jobs available in:

    • Olympia
    • Aberdeen
    • Centralia
    • Shelton
    • JBLM
    • Chehalis
    • Tacoma
    • Spokane
    • Tri Cities
    • Hoquiam
    • Tumwater
    • Lacey
    • Lakewood
    • And other towns in the area

    Take the first step towards finding a medical assistant job. Simply contact Express Healthcare Professionals Olympia at (360) 357-7195 for details about how we help job seekers through our free placement services!