How To Choose A Staffing Company For Your Olympia Business

  • How To Choose A Staffing Company For Your Olympia Business

    Olympia, WA - October 05, 2018

    Staffing Company in Olympia | Express Pros  Every year, millions of workers seek new jobs. And every year, companies struggle to replace them. We all know that finding a great employee isn't just about talent or skill. It's also about personality, fit, and passion. For Olympia businesses, a staffing company is a great way to find these qualities. As an agency with a sterling reputation, Express Employment Professionals Olympia has a few tips and tricks on how to choose your employment agency. 

    4 Things To Look For In An Olympia Staffing Company

    When you select a staffing company in Olympia, you'll want to make sure it can truly help you find top candidates for your business. Here's a few criteria to look out for: 

    • Service area. Widening your search radius for workers will almost always yield a more competitive talent pool. Look for a staffing agency that sources candidates from a wider service area, including Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and Yelm.   
    • Recruitment process.  You want to make sure the employment agency you choose has a thorough hiring process. Do they pre-screen candidates? Do they check references? A staffing company like Express Employment Professionals Olympia might even explain their recruitment process online.  
    • Types of workers.  Some employment agencies will only specialize in temp or short-term workers. It's likely that you want an agency that can staff any variety of workers, whether they're short-term, temp, part-time, or full-time. 
    • Reputation.  You can quickly tell a highly experienced agency from a new kid on the block based on their achievements and reputation. For example, Express Employment Professionals has 30 years of global reputation, has received many Best of Staffing awards, and is ISO 9001:2000-certified.  

    The Benefits Of A Staffing Company in Olympia

    A staffing company in Olympia can help take the stress and mess away from hiring. But it can also save your company significant amounts of time, manpower, and money.  An employment agency like Express Employment Professionals Olympia can help you find workers with the right expertise and qualifications, so you can spend less time on training. Some employment agencies offer training opportunities to job-seekers, to bring them up to speed. Just as importantly, sourcing new workers takes time and resources out of your bottom line. An agency can help with that. Our streamlined process helps find exceptional hires quickly and efficiently. 

    Find top candidates in your area. To choose Express Employment Professionals Olympia as your staffing company, give us a call at (360) 357-7195.