How to Find the Right Recruiter in Olympia

  • How to Find the Right Recruiter in Olympia

    Olympia, WA - August 10, 2018

    Recruiter in Olympia | Express Pros For employers in Olympia WA, finding the right recruiter can make workforce management much easier. When someone who knows the ins and outs of your business as well as they know the local hiring market, finding great workers in Olympia is a breeze. The tricky part, more often than not, is finding the right recruiting firm.

    In many ways, conducting a search for a recruitment agency is a lot like conducting a search for new employee. To help you narrow down your list of top candidates, we've compiled a list five questions that you can use to evaluate different recruiters in Olympia.

    5 Questions for Recruiter Evaluations in Olympia

    How well do they understand staffing in Olympia? Recruitment has always been a hyperlocal business. Every city has a unique economic makeup, geographic layout, and community character, all of which play an important role in staffing. That's why businesses continue to rely on local recruitment companies rather than fly-by-night specialists and algorithm-driven websites.

    Are they familiar with your industry and business? Recruiting administrative staffers for your office is a lot different from recruiting general laborers for your warehouse. You wouldn't hire a warehouse staffing specialist to do the first job, and you wouldn't hire an admin staffing specialist for the second. So when you're evaluating different recruiters, make sure all of your staffing needs in Olympia are covered.

    Do they provide the right types of placements? Before hiring a recruiter in Olympia, you'll want to establish what kinds of worker placements you're looking for. Some recruiting companies will only provide temporary staffers, while others will provide options for permanent hires.

    How effective and efficient are their hiring methods? The ideal recruiting company will improve the quality of your workforce while reducing the cost of maintaining that workforce. But without the right systems in place, a recruiting company could do the opposite, reducing productivity while increasing HR costs. When meeting with your top choices, have them detail their recruiting process and explain how it adds value to your business, and see if they can provide referrals or case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of their methods.

    Do they build relationships with their clients? The best recruiting specialists know that client relationships are foundational to effective staffing. The reason is simple: If you don't know your client, and you don't know their business in Olympia, you don't have the information you need to find the perfect candidate. Recruiters who take the time to build these relationships and learn their clients' needs are almost always in a better position to find the right people for the job.

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