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  • Emelie Rickard - Staffing Companies in Oregon City
    Emelie Rickard

    Business Development Manager

    Emelie Rickard joined Express Oregon City in October of 2021 as our Business Development Manager. Emelie has been a great addition to our team. She is a hard worker who believes in celebrating success. In her previous employment as a Service Manager, Emelie wore many hats and took on leadership roles whenever necessary. She was in charge of a team of six people and ran the office, where she encountered many opportunities to enhance her skill set. Her favorite part about working for Express is being able to serve the community she grew up in and building relationships with her coworkers and clients.

    Emelie is a local and grew up referencing the area she now works in as going to "town." During her free time, she enjoys contributing to the youth of America and investing in their future whenever she can. She is passionate about teaching young adults how to apply for jobs and becoming interview and work ready. Emelie also loves spending time with her family, her partner, two kids, and three dogs. Her best skill set is her persistence and ability to change people's minds. Emelie's favorite quote is: "half of me is ocean, half of me is sky." – The Lumineers.

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    Ellee Biery - Warehouse Staffing in Oregon City
    Ellee Biery

    Office Services Employment Specialist

    Ellee Biery joined Express Oregon City in December 2020 and is our Senior Employment Specialist. She is a dedicated and hard-working member of our team who enjoys learning in any capacity, whether inside or outside the office. Ellee has always worked within the customer service industry, but her favorite part about working for Express is that from the very start, she knew they would take care of her as an employee. Working with Express has also allowed her to start a career and provided her with training resources and opportunities for growth.

    Before living in Oregon City, Ellee resided in Salem, Oregon, until the eighth grade. She loves the small community feel and the location of Oregon City and has lived here for over 16 years. Outside of work, Ellee is passionate about giving her son a life experience he will never forget. She likes taking him to museums, zoos, arcades, sporting events, and even road trips! For herself, Ellee likes to unwind by painting, hiking, and playing volleyball. Ellee also has a two-year-old golden retriever that her son wants to refer to as his brother. She is very family oriented and has a large supportive family that is there whenever she needs it. We love having Ellee as a part of our team!

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    Caitlyn Ortega - Employment Recruiters in Oregon City
    Caitlyn Ortega

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    Express Oregon City welcomed Caitlyn Ortega to our team in August of 2022 as one of our Employment Specialists. Caitlyn is an enthusiastic and friendly worker who enjoys having the opportunity to learn the stories of people’s lives and experiences. She loves that Express allows her to help people and support them through their employment journeys. Caitlyn has had a range of previous work experience within the customer service industry that has allowed her to build her interpersonal skills that she brings to the table here at Express.

    Caitlyn is originally from Santa Cruz, California. She spent time in other areas of her home state before moving to Hilo, Hawaii for University. She relocated to Oregon after college to be closer to family in 2022. When Caitlyn is not working, she enjoys being out in nature. In the spring, she tends to her garden, and in the summer, she enjoys swimming and hiking. Caitlyn also enjoys spending time with her kitten, Pinto Bean. She is described by her friends as being a social and positive person. Caitlyn’s favorite quote is: “If there’s any kind of magic in this world… it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something.” – Celine in Before Sunrise

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    Scott Lunt - Employment Company in Oregon City
    Scott Lunt

    Light Industrial Employment Specialist

    Express Oregon City welcomed Scott Lunt to our team in February of 2023 as one of our Employment Specialists. He is exceptionally hard-working and creative and enjoys utilizing his strengths to help others find employment that fits their lifestyle and family needs. Scott’s previous employment experiences in the customer service industry have prepared him for his role within our team and allowed him to build on his professional and interpersonal skills.

    Scott is originally from Massachusetts but spent a couple of years in Anchorage, Alaska, before finally relocating to Oregon City in 2022. Scott is a passionate downhill skier and spends most of his free time on the slopes. He is also an avid coffee drinker and enjoys attending community events and participating in volunteer opportunities. In addition, Scott’s friends describe him as a good listener and caring friend. His favorite quote is: “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” We are thrilled to have Scott as a part of our team!

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    Mia Ornelas - Temp Services in Oregon City
    Mia Ornelas

    Recruiting Specialist

    Mia Ornelas joined Express Oregon City in February 2023 as our Recruiting Specialist. Mia is a great team member; and is known for always being ready to work and willing to help! Before joining Express, Mia previously worked as a sales consultant, and this experience has transferred over into her role here with our team. Mia’s favorite part about working with Express is working alongside her team and helping others find new opportunities.

    Mia was born in California and has lived in Oregon for over 20 years. When she isn’t in the office, Mia likes to go for walks and sit down with a good book. Her friends describe her as a fun and always smiling person. Mia’s best skill set is being a good listener, which she utilizes while working. One of Mia’s favorite quotes is: “There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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    Sierra Cox - Staffing Firms in Oregon City
    Sierra Cox

    Marketing Specialist

    Express Oregon City welcomed Sierra Cox to our team in July 2022 as our Marketing Specialist. Sierra is a hard-working, personable go-getter who has made a great addition to our team! Her work experience in the customer service industry has prepared her for her role here with us and allowed her to build her skills. Sierra's favorite part of working for Express is being a part of a team dedicated to providing the best possible service and seeing the result of her efforts reflected in the growth and recognition of the company.

    Outside of the office, Sierra spends her free time working out and staying active. She also loves spending time with her friends and family and traveling whenever possible. Sierra is a first-generation university graduate; and received her diploma from the University of Oregon. Her friends would describe her as a very bubbly personality. However, Sierra's best skill is having a big heart and always putting others before herself!

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    Jasmine Rojas - Temp Staffing Company in Oregon City
    Jasmine Rojas

    Front Office Coordinator

    Express Oregon City welcomed Jasmine Rojas to the team in January 2023 as our Front Office Coordinator. Jasmine is a fantastic addition to our office and is always there to support her coworkers. Jasmine would describe herself as an "extroverted-introvert" and is highly adaptable to her surroundings. Her previous work experiences have all been within the customer service industry, which has allowed her to develop strong customer relations skills, which she utilizes here at Express. Jasmine's favorite part about working with Express is seeing individuals in her community succeed and find jobs they enjoy.

    Jasmine is originally from Austin, Texas, and lived there until she was 13. Then, her family decided to move to Oregon, where she later found herself in Oregon City after branching out and exploring opportunities on her own. One unique aspect about Jasmine is that she has a bachelor's degree in American Sign Language Studies. When she isn't in the office, Jasmine likes to spend time with her family in her local church, learning their teachings. Her family has taught her that life is full of making mistakes, even when you get older, but they should learn from them together. Jasmine's favorite quote is, "everything happens for a reason."

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