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  • Caitlyn Ortega - Employment Recruiters in Oregon City
    Caitlyn Ortega

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    Express Oregon City welcomed Caitlyn Ortega to our team in August of 2022 as one of our Employment Specialists. Caitlyn is an enthusiastic and friendly worker who enjoys having the opportunity to learn the stories of people’s lives and experiences. She loves that Express allows her to help people and support them through their employment journeys. Caitlyn has had a range of previous work experience within the customer service industry that has allowed her to build her interpersonal skills that she brings to the table here at Express.

    Caitlyn is originally from Santa Cruz, California. She spent time in other areas of her home state before moving to Hilo, Hawaii for University. She relocated to Oregon after college to be closer to family in 2022. When Caitlyn is not working, she enjoys being out in nature. In the spring, she tends to her garden, and in the summer, she enjoys swimming and hiking. Caitlyn also enjoys spending time with her kitten, Pinto Bean. She is described by her friends as being a social and positive person. Caitlyn’s favorite quote is: “If there’s any kind of magic in this world… it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something.” – Celine in Before Sunrise

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    Jasmine Rojas - Temp Staffing Company in Oregon City
    Jasmine Rojas

    Operations Specialist

    Express Oregon City welcomed Jasmine Rojas to the team in January 2023 as our Front Office Coordinator. Jasmine is a fantastic addition to our office and is always there to support her coworkers. Jasmine would describe herself as an "extroverted-introvert" and is highly adaptable to her surroundings. Her previous work experiences have all been within the customer service industry, which has allowed her to develop strong customer relations skills, which she utilizes here at Express. Jasmine's favorite part about working with Express is seeing individuals in her community succeed and find jobs they enjoy.

    Jasmine is originally from Austin, Texas, and lived there until she was 13. Then, her family decided to move to Oregon, where she later found herself in Oregon City after branching out and exploring opportunities on her own. One unique aspect about Jasmine is that she has a bachelor's degree in American Sign Language Studies. When she isn't in the office, Jasmine likes to spend time with her family in her local church, learning their teachings. Her family has taught her that life is full of making mistakes, even when you get older, but they should learn from them together. Jasmine's favorite quote is, "everything happens for a reason."

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