3 Ways to Get a Promotion

  • Finding the Right Job for You

    Oregon City, OR - October 06, 2021

    Job Center in Oregon City, OR Whether your present position is no longer helping advance your professional career or if you are currently unemployed, deciding to find a new job should primarily be about finding the right job for you. Express Employment Professionals is here with a few tips to point you in the right direction straight from a  job agency

    • Tip #1: Decide What You Want   

    Now is the time to sit down and dig into your job must-haves. The specific industry, salary range, benefits, and location are all examples of non-negotiables that you should set for yourself. From there, you can identify what you are willing to negotiate on, such as job title, company size, or the amount of travel involved. Just remember, you know what has and has not worked for you in your professional past, so be honest with yourself about what you will and will not compromise on.  

    • Tip #2: Utilize Job Search Tools 

    If you have a broad idea of the type of job you are looking for, then you can start by typing that into the search field of whichever job search platform you have decided to use. But don't get discouraged if you've typed the same search term into a handful of different platforms and gotten few applicable results. Instead, utilize filters and make sure you've chosen the correct location, experience level, and pay scale, and get more specific with your search terms. For example, instead of searching "Receptionist," try "Front Desk Executive" or "Information Clerk." 

    • Tip #3: Read and Research 

    Now that you've found a few jobs that sound like a good fit, slow down and make sure you read the entirety of the listings. Too often, overzealous applicants dive into the application process without taking the time to make sure that they have the experience to adequately perform the responsibilities outlined in the listing. Furthermore, it's important to note that doing your research on the company you're applying to is just as important as understanding the job you are applying for. Read company reviews and explore their website and social media accounts to make sure you are a good fit.  

    However, if you'd like an  employment firm  on your side during your job hunt that can help take the stress out of the search, then Express in Oregon City can help! 

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