5 Tips for Sending Professional Emails

  • 5 Tips for Sending Professional Emails

    Oregon City, OR - November 29, 2021

    2021-11 November Staffing Assistance in Oregon City, OR Whether you are emailing a company in hopes of being considered for a position or sending your manager updates on a project, it is important to remain professional. A  staffing assistance  provider is here with 5 tips on how to send clear, concise, and polite emails.  

    Tip #1: Don't Forget to Add a Subject Line 

    When sending off an important email, it is important to write a subject line. A good subject line summarizes the message in as few words as possible while still being clear. Even if you are simply emailing a colleague, including a subject line helps keep their inbox organized 

    Tip #2: Get to the Point 

    It is important to get straight to the point and explain what you need to within the first few sentences. If you ramble and go off on tangents, it can be difficult for your reader to follow along or determine if they are even the correct person to answer your questions.  

    Tip #3: Always Proofread 

    We all make spelling or grammar mistakes from time to time. But if your email is littered with typos, then you need to slow down and take the time to proofread. 

    Tip #4: Be Polite 

    Even if you are having a frustrating day, never respond to an email in anger. It is important to respond quickly, but if you must take a break and come back later, do so. Use the time away from the screen to calm down and approach your situation more professionally. 

    Tip #5: Don't Forget the Attachments  

    If the purpose of your email is to attach an important document, then don't forget to attach the document! Having to reach back out with a second email because you forgot to add the attachment the first time can be regarded as sloppy and can make prospective employers, supervisors, and co-workers wonder if you are always this unprepared.   

    If you utilize these tips given to you by your local career center , then you can be confident that your emails will always look professional!  

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