Rebounding from a Job Loss: Productive and Proactive Steps to Take

  • Rebounding from a Job Loss: Productive and Proactive Steps to Take

    Oregon City, OR - April 26, 2023

    2023-04 - Career Services in Oregon City, Oregon

    Losing a job can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when it occurs unexpectedly. The experience can be stressful and very demoralizing. However, it's important to try to put the experience behind you and make the best of it by taking productive and proactive steps toward your next job search. Here are a few things, from an expert in employment solutions, you can do after you've been fired to improve your chances of finding new meaningful employment.


    After getting fired, you'll have some extra time on your schedule. Invest that time in yourself. Start by taking care of your physical and mental health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and take up a new hobby or sport if you're not already engaged in one. Consider going for therapy or talking to a trusted friend or family member about your recent stress. These activities are essential to help you relax, rejuvenate, and maintain a positive attitude in the job search process.

    Be Adaptable 

    Flexibility is crucial when job searching, especially when searching in a market that may have been impacted by a global pandemic or economic downturn. Be open to considering different roles or industries that could utilize your skill set. Attend virtual career fairs or check the job postings and know your value, so you don't undersell yourself or bid too high. You might, for instance, consider a freelance, part-time, or temporary position while looking for a longer-term opportunity. Speak with your local career services agent for more advice about job opportunities in your area.

    Improve Your Resume and Portfolio 

    Think about any new skills you may have acquired or any new accomplishments you've achieved since your last job. Ensure that your resume and portfolio showcase your professional accomplishments and transferable skills. Since most employers scan resumes, emphasize your active verbs and quantifiable results, show how you have positively impacted the previous roles, and tailor your resume to fit the job description.


    You've heard it before, and it's worth repeating. Networking is one of the most valuable job search tools. Contact former colleagues or high-level professionals you've connected with in the past for job leads, advice, or recommendations to other professionals in their network. Reach out to people you've met through professional associations, social media, or even alumni associations. Make a shopping list of potential employers and find ways to connect with people who currently work for them online, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

    Getting fired might seem like the end of your career, but it doesn't have to be. Use the opportunity to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, update and polish your resume, and actively network with peer professionals. Above everything else, remember to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Stay open to new opportunities and possibilities as you move forward. Success may be a few job interviews away!

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