Interviewing 101: Top Red Flags to Look Out For

  • Interviewing 101: Top Red Flags to Look Out For

    Oregon City, OR - May 30, 2023

    2023-05 - Employment Solutions in Oregon city, OR
    Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it's an essential step to take when you're looking for a job. Hiring managers are responsible for picking the right person for the job, and your goal is to make their job easier by presenting yourself in the best possible light. While you're interviewing, it's essential to remember that you're looking for the right fit for you too. Here are some top red flags, from an expert in career services, that you should look out for when interviewing.

    Poor Communication Skills 

    Poor communication skills are a definite red flag during an interview. It may be that they're not interested in your candidacy, and you're not a priority to them, which is a warning of what to expect if they offer you the job.

    Conflicting Details 

    If during the interview process, the hiring manager provides conflicting information about the position, it's a bad sign. It could mean that the company is disorganized or that the hiring manager lacks communication with the team. It's essential to ask questions and clarify the correct information to avoid mistakes during future work.

    Poorly Kept Appointments 

    If the person conducting the interview repeatedly changes or reschedules you, it may mean that they do not value your time. That's not ideal for any long-term working relationship. Keep track of these actions and search for other job opportunities.

    Negative Company Culture 

    If you observe negativity or poor company culture during the interview process, chances are, it'll only get worse once you've been hired. An environment where racism, ageism, or any other discriminatory conditions are being upheld is a warning sign. Listen to your intuition and observe well during the hiring stages.

    Recently, the competition for jobs has become fierce, and that's why we must make the most of every interview opportunity. Of course, a red flag is not always a deal-breaker, but it's something to consider when determining whether an opportunity is right for you. Avoiding red flags in the interview process can save you time and energy, and provide you with the best long-term benefits both financially and socially. Keep searching for excellent employment solutions and always trust your instincts during the hiring process. Good luck!

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