How to Prevent a Costly Bad Hire

  • How to Prevent a Costly Bad Hire

    Oregon City, OR - October 27, 2023

    2023-10 - Employment Search in Oregon City, OR
    Hiring the wrong person for your company can be a costly mistake. The impact of a bad hire can be felt across the whole organization. Beyond financial costs, a bad hire can affect productivity, and hurt the reputation of the company. In this blog from a leader in
    career opportunities, you’ll learn how your company can prevent a costly bad hire.

    Thorough Interviews

    Effective interviews are a crucial part of the selection process. Employers should prepare a list of questions that are relevant to the job description and make sure to interview each candidate thoroughly. This means asking behavioral questions, like how they stay organized and problem-solving skills, and finding out what their past performance looks like.

    Pre-Employment Assessments

    Conducting pre-employment assessments can be a great way to prevent a bad hire. The assessment will include a personality test, a cognitive ability test, and a skills assessment. You’ll be able to gather valuable information about a candidate’s abilities and how they would fit in not only with the role but the company overall. Pre-employment assessments provide a non-biased way of evaluating a candidate’s suitability.

    Check Backgrounds

    Doing a thorough background check on a candidate is essential. You should verify the accuracy of their work history including employment date, job titles, and responsibilities. Check references to help you confirm skills and experiences, but also their work ethic and to check for any red flags. You should also do a criminal record check and even a social media check to provide any extra information to rule out any potential risks.


    Making a bad hiring decision can be costly for your company in both financial and reputation aspects. Implementing these strategies will help you avoid a bad hire and only bring top talent to your organization. You can work with a recruitment office to further help your organization find the best fit, as they work with candidates every step of the way through their employment search!

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