The High Cost of a Bad Hire: Strategies for Prevention

  • The High Cost of a Bad Hire: Strategies for Prevention

    Ottawa, IL - October 27, 2023

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    Making a bad hire can end up being a costly mistake for any organization. It affects the company’s bottom line, negatively impacts morale, and can even hurt the reputation of the employer. Some may underestimate the cost of a bad hire and not understand the damage it can do. In this blog by a leader in
    office administrative positions, you’ll learn some strategies that businesses can utilize to prevent bad hires.

    Background Checks

    Conducting background checks is an important strategy when hiring new employees. It’s important that you verify any candidate’s work history and education. This is especially needed in roles that require certification or licensing, like accountants. Background checks will help you eliminate candidates who have misrepresented their qualifications in their application.

    Multiple Review Panels

    Using only one interview can lead to important aspects of a candidate’s character being missed. To avoid this, recruiting panels made of various people within the company will help reduce bias and give a wider perspective on how the candidate will fit in with the organization. Each person on the panel can focus on a different area to ensure nothing important goes unnoticed.

    Past Performance Review

    Looking at past performance is another way to make sure you’re avoiding a bad hire. You should check with their previous employers to see how their work ethic will align with your company culture and job requirements. You can look for any problems in their work history that might not be so apparent on the surface. Analyzing their past performances will help identify any risks surrounding their work pattern.


    A bad hire can have a significant impact on your business. The key to avoiding this is to have strategies in place to prevent it. Make sure you conduct background checks, have multiple people interview them, and investigate their past performances. To further avoid this issue, consider working with an employment agency to help fill your job listings!

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