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  • 03-23-2022-Scrapping-Requirements-Thumbnail Nearly Half of Companies Have Recently Hired Out of Desperation OKLAHOMA CITY - 03/23/2022 Struggling with a depleted applicant pool, nearly 2 in 5 businesses (39%) report hiring someone they otherwise would not have in order to fill an open position, according to a new survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals.
    03-9-2022-Increased-Workloads-Thumbnail Increased Employee Workloads Top Reason Businesses are Hiring OKLAHOMA CITY - 03/09/2022 Sixty percent of companies plan to increase their number of employees in the first half of 2022 primarily due to increased workloads (49%), according to a new survey from Express Employment Professionals conducted by The Harris Poll.
    Blue Collar White Paper 2022 Thumbnail 67% of Blue Collar Workers Say COVID-19 Pandemic Changed How Society Views Their Jobs OKLAHOMA CITY - 02/23/2022 Two years after many U.S. businesses temporarily shut down to try to contain the first cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, America's blue collar workforce feels they are more respected and appreciated, and even more in demand than before the pandemic.
    02-9-2022-Supply-Chain-and-Hiring-Thumbnail 61% of Companies Report Supply Chain Issues Hindering Growth and Forcing Lower Hiring Standards OKLAHOMA CITY - 02/09/2022 A month into the first quarter of 2022, the demand for goods due to the holidays has passed, but businesses still say they are caught in a vicious cycle hindering overall growth and hiring fueled by continual supply chain failures. 
    01-26-2022-Mandating-Vaccines-Thumbnail Are Vaccine Mandates Pushing Employers to the Brink? OKLAHOMA CITY - 01/26/2022 Eleven million positions are waiting to be filled at companies across the U.S. with less than one available worker to fill each job opening. This comes as companies grapple with the latest challenge to hiring and retention-vaccine mandates.