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    Improving and learning new skills increases your options for getting the career you want. Express Employment Professionals offers training resources and programs to help you get where you want to go.

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    Computer-based tutorials, from beginning to advanced.

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    Verbal and written communication skills for any job that requires interaction with customers.

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    Introduction to worksite, tools, and equipment used on a job including job safety and proper use. 

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    Job Genius

    Video based training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Job Genius

    Video training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Career White Papers

    Learn what format is best for your resume – PDF vs Word, and how to achieve work/life balance.

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    With tips and advice on everything from the job search to finding work life balance, Express’ Job Journey blog is a great resource for employees and job seekers alike. 

    • What to Do When an Entry-Level Job Requires Two to Three Years of Experience

      Should You Still Apply? You worked hard in college, and now you’re looking for a great job. But everything you apply for lists two to three years of “real world” experience. This is a problem grads across the nation are dealing with. Some companies ask for a four-year degree and three years of experience for an entry-level, which can seem impossible. However, if you dig into your college accomplishments, you can find exactly what they’re looking for. Here are a few things to focus on in your resume. Study Abroad If you ever studied abroad, be sure to put that on your resume! Employers are always looking for differentiators when they look at resumes and spending a semester or two in England or Beijing is sure to impress. Study abroad shows that you’re willing to learn, can adapt, and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Extracurriculars Did you act as a treasurer for your fraternity or sorority? Maybe you were a member of the Multicultural club and helped …

      Tue, 20 Aug 2019

    • Are You Being Taken Advantage of in an Unpaid Internship?

      If so, it’s time to act. It’s hard to believe it’s back-to-school season already. Summer break has come to an end as college students across the country move back to their dorms or apartments. Many of these students will take up an unpaid internship during their spare time. These positions can be a great way to get on-the-job training and experience. However, what if you start your unpaid internship and notice that you’re not learning anything? You aren’t given much (if any) direction, and the only time your manager asks for your help is when he needs furniture moved or a window washed. Is this normal, or are you being taken advantage of? Look for these warning signs. Your Manager Isn’t Interested in Changing You sit down with your manager and make your concerns known. You tell them you don’t feel comfortable with tasks that aren’t related to your desired profession, as you aren’t learning anything useful. Perhaps your manager rolls their eyes, and says they’ll find you other work. …

      Thu, 15 Aug 2019

    • Answering the Interview Question: Do You Like to Take Charge of Projects and Situations or Would You Rather Receive Direction?

      Is this a trick question? This is one of those questions interviewers ask that can really stump job applicants if they aren’t prepared. It can seem like there has to be a right answer, that you have to choose taking charge or receiving direction. However, there’s plenty of room for personalized answers that relate to you specifically. Not sure how to start crafting your reply? We’ve got you covered. Be Honest Interviewers aren’t trying to trick you. If you like taking the lead and being a go-getter, tell them that! However, it’s perfectly fine if you would rather stay in the back and support the rest of the team. This question pops up so managers know what you’ll be like to work with if you get the job. The only wrong answers are those that are unclear or make it seem like you don’t like working at all. Choose Your Words Carefully If you aren’t a take-charge kind of worker, instead of saying that you “really don’t like to be …

      Tue, 13 Aug 2019