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  • Healthcare Staffing in Honolulu Explains Per Diem and Part Time Positions

    Honolulu, HI - October 08, 2018
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    Do you want a lot of flexibility in your work schedule? You may be going back to school or became a new parent. In any case, you want more open hours in your personal life. This is where you can decide between part time or full time employment explains one of the top Honolulu CNA staffing agencies . These types of positions offer more open time while still helping you keep your nursing license active.

    You may now wonder what the differences are between the positions. Well, we are here to talk about them, so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.

    Per Diem. Nurses who are hired on as per diem fill in the empty slots for people that may be sick, on vacation, or on FMLA leave. Per diem employees are never guaranteed hours, but they can work up to full time or right underneath full time hours. You could work an entire full time week and not work at all the next week. If you are looking for a steady income, you may need to work multiple per diem positions to fulfill that income. Of course, you may get better pay as a per diem employee, but you may have to pay more on your healthcare benefits including the employer's portion if you are eligible for any.

    Part Time. The employer chooses what is considered part time hours and will choose if you can get benefits. The schedule will include part time employees but not as many shifts. Your employer will determine your hours by the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) status you were hired on for. You may have better flexibility with a part time position, but usually, you must pay more of your healthcare benefits than you would if you were working full time explains healthcare staffing in Honolulu .

    Whichever you choose, you need to ask yourself how much income you require to pay bills and expenses. Don't forget about the healthcare benefits that you'll be responsible for. Per diem also requires more open time since you will be called in.

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