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    Quality Control/Lab Tech

    Quality Control/Lab Tech

    • Conduct laboratory tests to assist scientists in making qualitative or quantitative analyses of materials using techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and microscopy.
    • Perform routine analyses to check accuracy, applicability, and reasonableness of test data.
    • Record data and prepare simple charts or graphs.
    • Accurately follow work instructions along with established operating procedures and test methods.
    • Maintain and clean laboratory instruments or equipment.
    • Provide and maintain a safe work environment by participating in safety programs, committees, or teams and by conducting laboratory/plant safety audits.
    • Provide technical support or assistance to engineers

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    Contact Deb Gray, our Owner and Search Specialist at and please add " Quality Control/Lab Tech " to the subject line of your email.

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    EHS - Hazardous Communications Specialist

    EHS - Hazardous Communications Specialist

    General Purpose

    • Regulatory Specialist is responsible for all topics related to environmental, health and safety of products and is responsible for SDS writing, label compliance, DOT shipping classifications, GHS compliance and other national, international, state local or industry regulation compliance. The Regulatory Specialist reports to the Manager Technical Services / EHS.

    Essential Functions

    • Characterize products based on their chemical properties to establish proper Department of Transportation (DOT) shipping names and hazard classes, as needed.
    • Write, maintain, and update the company catalogue of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for both produced products and raw materials.
    • Design, write and approve label designs to confirm compliance with Global Harmonization System (GHS), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM)Weights and other regulatory requirements.
    • Complete customer, supplier, and insurance carrier EH&S Survey forms and remote audits.
    • Participate in customer, supplier, and insurance carrier EH&S on-site audits.
    • Ensure compliance with chemical regulations such as GHS, REACH, and Proposition 65.
    • Interact with consultants to be sure all OSHA regulations are met.
    • Write, maintain, and update labels for produced products.
    • Must be comfortable with interpreting regulations based on chemical formulae.
    • Additional tasks as assigned.

    Supervisory Responsibility: No

    Education and Experience

    • 2+ years of experience in compliance, regulatory and/or chemistry field is preferred.
    • Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or other relevant technical field is preferred.
    • Knowledge of environmental health and safety rules governed by OSHA, EPA, DEP, DOT, EU, counties, and other governing bodies.
    • Experience in writing GHS Safety Data Sheets and labels.
    • Familiarity with DOT shipping classifications.
    • Basic knowledge of chemistry is a must.

    Key Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Proficient in updating SDS's in SDS writer program.
    • Proficient in updating labels in label writer program.
    • Ability to fill out customer/supplier/regulatory remote audit forms on-line

    Interested in applying to this opportunity?

    Contact Deb Gray, our Owner and Search Specialist at and please add " EHS - Hazardous Communications Specialist " to the subject line of your email.

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    Technical Rep (AutoCad)

    Technical Rep (AutoCad) - Manufacturing

    • Proficient in Autocad
    • Works with project managers and Engineers to edit drawings
    • Come up with specs for new work orders
    • Customer service
    • Troubleshooting customer issues via phone and email
    • Work with Customers on a consultative basis and create potential works orders for quotes

    Interested in applying to this opportunity?

    Contact Deb Gray, our Owner and Search Specialist at and please add " Technical Rep (AutoCad) " to the subject line of your email.

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