Are Your Sights Set in 2020?

  • Are Your Sights Set in 2020?

    Reno, NV - December 03, 2019


    Its almost too poetic to not connect the upcoming year, 2020, to "seeing clearly". This should be the mantra of the year!

    Its important to take time to reflect and visualize, after all, we are all visionaries!

    What did 2019 bring this year that you would like to keep? What is something you want to throw in the discard pile?

    Around this time of the year, we start to strategize for scaling our business. But before we can do that, we need to ensure we are starting with the right mindset.

    How many of you felt too busy this year? Were you ever short with a customer on the phone because you had other phone calls waiting? Have you seen your customers face to face recently?

    A lot of business leaders feel that they must be busy to be successful.

    How much time and money are you losing due to this mindset?

    Sometimes the only change we really need is a shift in mindset and not strategy!

    This is a time to go beyond just you in the business! Do not self-sabotage and put up barriers in front of your own goals!

    Automation & Delegation

    Two strong new mindsets to take on in 2020 is automation and delegation! Its time to take advantage of your resources and claim back your time and money!

    Be prepared because both are an investment.


    It is time to embrace the digital age! If you are still wasting your time and money filing out time sheet, generating invoices, pulling reports etc. then it is time to investigate other resources!

    Express Employment Professionals offers online timekeeping, a VMS system, and online invoicing.

    You may also want to look at your equipment for your workers. How much time and money is spent due to having out of date equipment? Automation can help you run your business at lower costs and more efficiently by minimizing manual work.


    Although technology gives us huge leverage, at the end of the day, you still need hands to carry out the work.

    Do you find yourself busy doing tasks that you could hire someone at $13 an hour to do? You are losing money! This becomes critical when you could spend more time building better relationships with your customers, focusing on the quality of your product, or just having more time getting your business to the next level. Hone in on what work you can delegate!

    Third parties may have the staff and investment in systems that enable them to be much more efficient in handling a function than your company may be able to. Trying to replicate that function internally may take too much time or money. Instead, find a reliable partner to outsource like Express Employment Professionals, thus positioning your business to scale better, faster and cheaper in the long run.

    Plan, Plan, Plan!

    Don't lose sight of the 4th quarter as the excitement of a new year is creeping up. Take this time to visualize and map out the changes to come.

    Start the mindset now! What can you put in to place RIGHT NOW that can save you time and money?

    It's time for you to get back into the driver's seat of your business and share your vision!

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