Winter Is Coming...Are You Prepared to Work Through It?

  • Winter Is Coming...Are You Prepared to Work Through It?

    Reno, NV - November 26, 2019


    Winter Tips from Reno Staffing Agency

    Remember when the first fall of snow on the ground got you so excited for the winter? Now, when we even hear that there will be snow, we all "BAH HUMBUG" our way through the winter season.

    Now that we have all entered the working world, we know that snow is not magical elf dust falling from the sky, but instead, it is the reason for the call outs, the delayed shipments, the slippery roads, the flu that is being passed around from employee to employee….

    Well friends, it's that time of the year again! The local forecast has snow in the horizons and we all know that is just the beginning!

    So, what can we do to turn the winter blues back into the joy it once was?

    We can be prepared!

    Follow along as we share some tips for the season to ensure we are one step ahead of mother nature!

    1. Safety First!

    Naturally, the safety of our employees and ourselves comes before anything else! Most of our work environments are not temperature-controlled and our employees are exposed to cold weather.

    Some of the precautions that employees can use include:

    • Taking breaks to get warm
    • Drinking warm and/or sweet caffeine-free beverages
    • Avoiding smoking (which constricts blood flow to the skin)
    • Encourage workers to wear appropriate clothing
    • Employers and Employees should be trained on how to prevent and recognize cold stress.

    2. Not Today Flu!

    A healthy staff is a happy staff! Keep the flu bug out of your business this year with these helpful tips!

    • Get your flu shot!
    • Be smart and keep your distance from anyone who is sneezing or wheezing!
    • A smile goes a long way, keep the hugging for the family gatherings.
    • Wash. Your. Hands.
    • Avoid sharing drinks and food.
    • Get sufficient sleep!


    On-the-job injuries, such as muscle strains, are more likely to occur in someone whose muscles aren't warmed up. Giving employees a brief time to stretch and get warm can help to prevent those injuries.

    3. SNOW DAY!

    We all know the night before the snow hits the ground we are about to have out call out line buzzing.

    Here are some tips to prepare yourself this year!

    • Have a policy in place! A lot of companies have an attendance policy in place, a unique attendance policy just for winter might be a good avenue to stop turnover.
    • Stay connected with your staff. Reno weather is unpredictable, the snowstorm in the morning could clear up in a few hours, don't lose an entire day out of your staff!
    • Prioritize! Make sure you are clear about deadlines that need to be met regardless of the weather.

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