Recruiting in Janesville

  • Recruiting in Janesville

    Janesville, WI - January 30, 2020

    Recruiting in Janesville | Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties Expanding your workforce? Seeking a replacement for a valuable employee who is leaving the company? Need recruiting in Janesville? Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties is a locally owned staffing firm that can meet your needs on your timeline. Backed by a successful global brand, our recruitment team has an in-depth understanding of the demands of various industries, and can supply you with candidates who are ideally suited for your open positions.

    At Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties, we actively recruit the top talent in Janesville, and carefully assess each applicant in terms of their skills, their experience, and their ability to adapt to various work environments. As such, we have an expansive applicant pool from which to draw, and have the insight to make the best match between our candidates and company clients. 

    Whether you need full-time, part-time, or temporary support, Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties can provide skilled, reliable, and highly motivated professionals to address your business needs.

    About Our Recruiting in Janesville

    Taking on new employees requires an incredible amount of time and expense. And even after sifting through countless resumes, interviewing candidates, and checking up on references, you still may face the risk that a candidate simply doesn't work out. With our recruiting services, you and your staff can stay focused on running your business, while our hiring experts take on the time-consuming process of screening and selecting new hires.

    Our job applicants cover a range of backgrounds and skill sets, including certified professionals, light industrial workers, and administrative personnel. To ensure that our candidates are of the highest caliber in Janesville, we employ a multi-step selection process to certify their abilities and fitness for your business:

    • Verifying each applicant's information
    • Interviewing the applicant
    • Evaluating the applicant's skills
    • Checking the applicant's references to confirm past employment
    • Deciding whether to hire the applicant
    • Matching the applicant with a position and a company that they're uniquely fit for

    Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties Offers Staffing Services Across the Janesville Area

    If you have an immediate need for qualified staff, or are making plans to expand your business, Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties can provide recruiting in Janesville and other workforce solutions to meet the current and future demands of your company.

    Our recruiting services are available for businesses in the following areas:

    Contact Express Employment Professionals Rock and Walworth Counties today at (608) 741-1600 to learn more about our recruiting in Janesville and the surrounding area.