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Swanson Jobs

  • Plywood - Mentor Trainee

    Located in Glendale, OR

    We have ten positions available for a Mentor Trainee in the Plywood plant in Glendale. 

    Mentor Trainee will be cycling through 5 key entry level jobs in Plywood including: Dryer Feeder, Sheet Station, Operator, Polyline Operator, Raimann Operator, and Dryer Grader. This mentor cycle will take 7 weeks and then placed into a FT position at the manager's discretion, and needs of the department.
    The Mentor Trainee would start as a Dryer Feeder. Dryer Feeder will keep the veneer dryer full with quality veneer while maintaining safety and quality by feeding sheets into the dryer.

    Duties include but, limited to the following: Feed the dryers with veneer, Grade and stack dried veneer as it comes out of the dryer, clean up around the work area. Individual must be open to cross training on various jobs in plywood mill. Mill experience preferred physical labor experience within past year required. Tasks include the following physical demands: standing 8-10 hours during entire shift, twisting, bending, shoveling, and reaching forward, repetitive wrist movements, heavy lifting. Dryer feeder will keep the veneer dryer full with quality veneer while maintaining safety and quality. Keep up with the pace of the dryer, watching for cross ups/jams of the machinery and will need to clear the blockage of machinery following all appropriate safety protocol. 

    Wage: $16.65 hour (day shift) with shift differential.

    Hours: Trainee on day shift 6:45 am - 3:00 pm and will move to a swing with wage at $16.95 an hour or graveyard with wage at $17.25 an hour.