Swanson Jobs

  • Veneer - Green Chain

    Located in Glendale, OR

    We currently have a Green Chain position available in the Veneer plant. Veneer associate will identify proper quality of veneer coming off the veneer line, sort wood based on size and quality. Organize veneer sheets carefully into veneer carts, maintain a clean work area, adjust veneer carts, and monitor and assist with plug ups.
    Associate pulling veneer would be performing the following duties: pulling, grading, and sorting veneer quickly as the lumber moves down the conveyor. Must be hard working and able to work at a fast pace, while keeping safety in mind. Good hand/eye coordination is a must and able to work in a team environment. Physical requirements require standing, bending, twisting repetitively for a 10 hour shift. Pulling Green Chain or mill experience preferred. Knowledge of veneer or plywood product preferred.

    Day Shift 5:30am-4pm/$18.69 hour.

    Veneer - Firewatch

    Located in Glendale, OR

    3 people needed to perform firewatch duties after or before maintenance work has been performed in an area. Firewatch associate will assist with diligently watching and putting out any spot fires, caused during various equipment maintenance processes. Associate will be responsible for clean-up of the specific area utilizing a shovel or a water hose. Maintenance experience is a plus! 

     Full time, Swing Shift 3:30pm-2am/$16.30 hour.