When Should a Business in St. Louis Hire a Temp Agency?

  • When Should a Business in St. Louis Hire a Temp Agency?

    St Louis - March 01, 2018

    Temp Agency St. Louis Temporary staffing plays a valuable role in the St. Louis MO economy, but hiring temporary personnel isn't always easy for local employers. The market for temp workers and seasonal personnel in St. Louis is competitive, making it hard to find quality candidates. Recruiting and hiring costs are another area of concern. For most businesses, the best way to manage these challenges is to hire a temp agency from the St. Louis area.

    Temp agencies offer a wide range of benefits for employers in St. Louis. An agency can make temporary staffing more cost-efficient and less time-intensive, while improving the overall quality of contractors used by your business.


    When to Hire a Temp Agency in St. Louis

    Unsure whether your business could benefit from a temp agency such as Express Employment Professionals St. Louis? Here are a few common situations where you'll want to turn for outside help on temporary staffing:

    • Time-Sensitive Positions. When your workforce gets hit with an unexpected vacancy, it's important that you fill the opening as quickly as possible. That's something a temp agency in St. Louis can accomplish much faster than the typical HR department.
    • Recruitment Cost Concerns. Temp agencies are designed to make recruitment, hiring, and candidate placement more efficient, and by extension, more cost-effective. If you're worried that you're spending too much money recruiting temp workers, an agency is the clear choice.
    • Short-Term Positions. Upfront recruitment costs are offset by long-term returns of any given hire. The less time a person spends working for your business, the lower those returns will be, making the upfront costs less bearable. For any position shorter than six months, an agency is usually the more cost-effective choice.
    • Lack of Time or Expertise. Many businesses lack the time or expertise for effective temporary staffing. If you can't sacrifice the hours it would take to properly interview candidates, or you're worried your HR department is stretching themselves thin, then it's time for outside help.
    • Recurring Staffing Needs. Does your business use temporary personnel on a recurring basis? If so, partnering with a temp agency in St. Louis can give you a reliable pipeline for your future staffing needs.


    At Express Employment Professionals St. Louis, we know how much easier it is to manage temporary and seasonal staffing with the help of a temp agency's services. Our agency works with businesses in South County and Jefferson County, offering a wide range of staffing services to employers in St. Louis, Arnold, Fenton, High Ridge, University City, and other surrounding areas. To find out if our services are a good fit for your needs, simply contact us today.

    Call Express Employment Professional St. Louis at (314) 968-2700 today to learn more about our temp agency and our services for employers in the St. Louis area.