Referral Bonus - Recruitment Agencies in Salt Lake City

  • Looking to Earn Extra Cash?

    Are any of your friends or family looking for work in Salt Lake City? If you send them our way and you've worked with us for 80hrs, you qualify for our $50 cash referral bonus!


    Salt Lake City Express recruits Job Seekers for a wide range of job opportunities within the professionals, commercial, administrative, and information technology industries. Our Express team pairs prospective employees with different availabilities, from part-time, full-time, contract, and temporary work.

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  • Rules & Regulations

    • Your referral bonus form must be filled out and turned in within 90 days of the Associates first assignment start date.
    • Express Associates being referred must work a total of 80 hours.
    • The new Associate must specify the referral source during the day of their interview process.
    • Referral bonuses will be paid out the following payroll week after the referral bonus form has been turned in.