Job Search in Sugarhouse

  • Job Search in Sugarhouse

    Salt Lake City, UT - June 22, 2021

    Job Search in Sugarhouse | Express Employment Professionals Salt Lake City If you're ready to give up on the job search, you're not alone. Looking for work is hard, and sometimes it may feel like companies in Sugarhouse aren't interested in you as an applicant. But in fact, there may be an underlying problem: your resume.  

    At Express Employment Professionals Salt Lake City, we offer coaching and support to countless job-seekers in the region. We help you find work suited to your expertise and goals. We can also help you understand what's going wrong with your resume. Let's review.  

    Why Aren't You Hearing Back From Companies? 

    If you haven't heard back from any companies in Sugarhouse, there may be a good reason why. Here are a few ways your resume may be actively interfering with your job search: 

    • Your resume is hard to follow.  Ideally, a resume should be easy to read at a glance. Employers have to scan dozens, sometimes hundreds, of resumes when screening applicants. If your resume doesn't have clear headings and subheadings, lacks a natural flow, or isn't organized chronologically, these can make it harder to follow. If your resume is too confusing, it may be doing you a serious disservice. 
    • You aren't clearly emphasizing achievements.  Often, job-seekers will list out their job history and write one or two sentences describing the responsibilities involved. However, employers don't just want to see what the job entailed: they want to see how you made it your own. Highlight at least one significant achievement from every job. Incorporate relevant details from positive reviews and other feedback from supervisors. 
    • You aren't identifying relevant skills.  It's extremely common for employers to get tons of resumes from people who don't have the necessary skills or employment history. In these cases, it's obvious job-seekers didn't look at the posting closely before applying. You always want to make sure you've customized your resume to each posting, identifying pertinent skills or qualifications. 

    Get Trusted Advice On Your Job Search in Sugarhouse 

    At Express Salt Lake City, we understand what employers are seeking. We can help you course-correct your job search and find employment in your area, including: 

    • Sugarhouse
    • Fraternity Park
    • Whitehead
    • Salt Lake City
    • Fairpark
    • Westpointe
    • Central City
    • South Salt Lake
    • Capitol Hill
    • Arlington Hills
    • Rose Park
    • The Avenues
    • Liberty Wells 
    • Windsor Place
    • Whitehead
    • Yale Park 
    • And throughout the surrounding region

    Get trusted support on your job search. Call Express Salt Lake City today at (801) 521-4210, or review our job postings in Sugarhouse online.