How to Find the Right Recruiter in Savannah

  • How to Find the Right Recruiter in Savannah

    Savannah, GA - July 31, 2018
    Recruiter in Savannah | Express Employment Professionals Savannah

    At Express Employment Professionals Savannah GA, we know how competitive the local hiring market can be for employers. Whether you're hiring seasonal workers for your warehouse, recruiting long-term staffers for your office, or searching for skilled professionals to fill high-level positions, you'll need an effective game plan to land the best candidates available. That might mean hiring a professional recruiter or a recruiting company in Savannah.

    In many ways, hiring a recruiting company is a lot like hiring a new employee. You draw up a pool of candidates, you assess their strengths and weaknesses, you interview your best two or three choices, and you select your top pick. But instead of filling a single position in your workforce, a recruitment specialist could leave a major imprint on your workforce.

    Needless to say, if you're hiring a recruiter in Savannah, you'll want to make sure that you hire the right recruiting agency. Below, we've compiled five questions that will give you a stronger sense of what to look for in a recruiting specialist or a recruitment company.

    5 Questions for Recruiter Evaluations in Savannah

    Do they understand Savannah's hiring conditions? When hiring a recruiter in Savannah, don't underrate the importance of local experience and expertise. It takes years for recruitment specialists to develop a proper understanding of local hiring conditions and to build relationships within a given region.

    Are they familiar with your industry or sector? These days, recruitment experts often specialize in a specific sector of the local economy. Finding a specialist who understands your industry is great, but be careful about hiring recruiters in Savannah who have plenty of experience, but none with your type of business.

    What kinds of placement options do they offer? If you're hiring a recruitment specialist in Savannah, you'll want to review the different kinds of placements they provide. Some recruitment firms are only suitable for short-term positions. Some specialize in long-term hires. And some offer a mix of placement options.

    How do their hiring practices set them apart? A recruitment company should have hiring systems and strategies in place that make them more effective and/or efficient than your typical HR department. When you're meeting with different agencies, have them explain precisely what sets them apart and how they will add value to your staffing operations.

    Do they value their relationships with clients? In early conversations, get a feel for how different recruiters treat relationships with clients. Relationship-building is important if an agency in Savannah is going to understand your business model, what makes your workforce unique, and what specific qualities you need from members of your workforce.

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