• Blake Quinlan, Staffing and Employment Scottsdale, AZ
  • Meet Blake Quinlan, the new Franchise Owner for
    Express Employment Professionals of Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Blake started his career with Express in 2015 in Champaign, Illinois, working with Franchisees Richard and Lynn Yoerk. During his time in Champaign, Blake advanced through roles such as Professional Recruiter and Onsite Account Manager. Blake's activity and high work ethic supported the win of Office Services Fast Track and a growth award at the International Leadership Conference in 2017. With a hunger to keep growing the Express brand, Blake earned the chance to help open the Ottawa, Illinois franchise, where he became a Top 50 Sales Rep. After a successful opening in Ottawa, Blake returned to Champaign in 2019 to continue making his mark in the community.

    When the onset of the Pandemic hit in early 2020, Blake craved a new challenge. So, he packed up his bags, ventured out west, and landed in the Denver, Colorado franchise with Franchisees Troy and Jennifer McLeland. During his time in Denver, Blake earned the Fast Track for Business Developers Double Hitter and supported

  • the Denver franchise in achieving first-time Circle of Excellence. IN the words of Bill Owens, "True leadership lies in guiding others to success..." These words couldn't be more accurate in describing the Yoerk's and McLelands's impact in developing Blake's leadership abilities. During his time in Illinois, Blake credits his mentors, Richard and Lynn, for supporting and leading him along the way. From "Perspective Calls" to countless leadership conversations, they encouraged Blake to realize his potential. 

    "We are extremely proud of Blake. He's been one of the most driven young men we've had the pleasure of working with. This kid can't wait to make his mark on Express. We're excited to watch him rise. Well done, my friend!" - Richard and Lynn Yoerk.

    Blake also attributes his success to Troy, who constantly reinforced Blake's belief in himself and taught him how to price like a champion! "I feel lucky that I have mentors and coaches who have been able to help me untap that potential and turn it into something meaningful and magical. The fact that I get to help other people do that now is the coolest thing for me, " stated Blake.

    "To One of the Best: You embody the Express spirit of hard work, determination, and grit. Your leadership is guaranteed to propel your team and office to great feats. It has been our sincere honor to be a part of your journey and witness Express history in the making!" - Troy and Jennifer McLeland

    As Blake was demonstrating his whatever it takes mentality, he was nominated for Franchise Manager with a pathway to earn partnership in Scottsdale, Arizona. With this opportunity came the chance to live near his Aunt Judy and Uncle Ed Lynn, his most prominent supporters and the driving force behind his passion to own his own franchise. Blake jumped right in by hiring a brand-new team and led them to earn Fast Track for Franchise Double Hitter. It is well noted that Blake is a competitor. We want to be careful not to mistake hard work and competitiveness of the same thing. Yes, we all work hard, but did you compete today? Did you compete harder and better today than you did yesterday? Blake competes, and he does not complain. Not everyone is wired this way, and Blake's passion and willingness to compete and chase better every dad separates him from many. The Scottsdale team will make history and bring home the hard-earned first time, Circle of Excellence achievement in 2022! In addition to this milestone, Scottsdale has had remarkable growth in 2022, up 108% in Year-to-Date Gross Margin, 64% in Year-To-Date Hours Billed, 77% in Year-to-Date Clients Billed, and 46% in Year-to-Date New Clients. While Blake will be the one walking across the stage at the International Leadership Conference in 2023 in recognition of Scottsdale's achievements, Blake credits his current and former team members for being significant contributors in making the franchise what it is today: Collin Wonder, Henry Rojo, Isabella Fairchild, Ryan Hill, and Shantara Bird. 

    Blake Quinlan, Franchise OwnerBlake's Favorite Part of his Job

    "Getting to help people realize their potential! When I started with Express in 2015, I'd even be the first to say I was raw with potential! I feel lucky that I've been able to have mentors and coaches who have been able to help me untap that potential and turn it into something meaningful and magical. The fact that I get to help other people do that now is the coolest thing for me!"

    Best Career Advice Blake Can Give

    "Chase the opportunity! If you have an opportunity to learn and push yourself outside of your comfort zone, DO IT! Take the leap!"

    Blake's First Real Job

    "When I was nine, I started my own lawn mowing business – Blake's Blades – you'll like me Mower!"

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