How to Get a Promotion

  • How to Get a Promotion

    Scottsdale, AZ - October 13, 2021

    Employment Company in Scottsdale AZ Do you feel like you've been in your current position for quite some time and know that you are ready to take on more responsibilities? Is there a promotion available that you really want to be considered for at work? Express Employment Professionals is here to help with some tips straight from an  employment agency  that can set you apart from the competition and make you stand out to your management team! 

    • Evaluate Your Performance 

    Your promotion starts with evaluating your performance. You should evaluate the things you've done lately and think about what you can do better. Ask your boss for feedback and see if you can get any advice on how to improve your daily tasks and projects. Then, adjust as needed. 

    • Show Initiative 

    If you want a promotion, then take on more responsibility. Don't wait around for an opportunity to come your way, and don't feel like you can't speak up. If there are tasks that need to be completed, then volunteer for them. Noticing your co-workers are looking frazzled trying to finish a project? Offer to help.  

    • Ask for More Training 

    Sometimes, people aren't promoted because they don't have the right skills. Consider what skills are needed to successfully perform the role, and then ask your boss if there is in-house training available. If not, go online. There are tons of free courses available that could help you get started and others that you can pay for if you are willing to take that extra step to gain a new certification.  

    • Speak Up 

    Don't be afraid to speak up during meetings. If you have an idea, pitch it to your boss instead of just sitting quietly like you usually do. Don't let an opportunity to throw your name into the hat for a new project pass you by. Make yourself stand out! 

    For more tips like these, contact your local  job center  Express Employment Professionals in Scottsdale today! 

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