Is Job Hopping Still Considered a Red Flag to Employers?

  • Is Job Hopping Still Considered a Red Flag to Employers?

    Scottsdale, AZ - November 29, 2021

    Employment Agency in Scottsdale, AZ Have you changed jobs once, twice, maybe quite a few times in recent years and you're worried that prospective employers may label you as a job-hopper? Well, an  employment agency in Scottsdale, AZ  is here to explain why job-hopping may not be as much of a red flag anymore. 

    For decades, employers have been leery of hiring anyone who has held more than one position in a single year, or someone who changes jobs frequently. But is that still the case? With many younger people landing their first permanent positions during or after college, then moving on to another position when they find a job that better fits their interests or skills, or when they need to relocate for family reasons, their resumes may look different from those of older workers. And even though employers can search through candidate employment histories with the click of a mouse, today's economy is forcing hiring managers and  job recruiters  to take a new approach when screening candidates. 

    Employers and recruiters, particularly those involved with hiring entry-level candidates, say they're more interested in finding people who possess the right combination of skills, knowledge, and abilities to do the job successfully than finding workers who have a perfect employment history. This new approach is due to an increase in talent shortages as well as expectations from younger generations that employers will provide opportunities for career advancement, flexible work schedules, etc.  

    Regardless, if you do have quite a few positions on your resume, it's a good idea to come to an interview prepared to answer "why" you left those positions in order to help reassure your prospective employer that you won't just change jobs for no legitimate reason.   

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