How to Answer an Interview Question When You Don't Know the Answer

  • How to Answer an Interview Question When You Don't Know the Answer

    Scottsdale, AZ - February 23, 2022

    2022-02 Job Agency in Scottsdale AZ It's happened to all of us. We're in an interview, and the interviewer asks us a question we don't know how to answer. What do you do? Don't panic! In this blog post, a provider of skilled trade jobs in Scottsdale, AZ will give you some tips on how to answer an interview question when you don't know the answer. 

    Don't Lie 

    The first thing you should never do is lie. If you don't know the answer to a question, just be honest and say so. Trying to make something up on the spot is a surefire way to get caught, and it will only reflect poorly on you. 

    Ask for a Clarification  

    If you don't understand the question, ask the interviewer to clarify it. This will ensure that you know what the interviewer is looking for, and it will also show that you're willing to take the time to understand the question. 

    Take a Moment to Think 

    When an interviewer asks a question, they usually give you enough time to answer it. If you need a moment to think about the answer, take that time. This will help you come up with an answer that is both accurate and intelligent. 

    Ask for an Example 

    If you're still having trouble answering the question, ask the interviewer for an example. This will help you understand what the interviewer is looking for, and it will also give you some time to think about the answer. 

    Redirect to a Related Skill 

    If you can't answer the question directly, try redirecting to a related skill. You may not have experience utilizing the particular skill they want you to highlight, but if you're able to connect it to similar skills, you're much better off than saying you don't have the skill they're looking for. 

    Have a Fail-Safe Answer 

    If you're stumped, have a fail-safe answer prepared. This answer should focus on your enthusiasm for the position and knowledge of the industry. It's okay to be honest and say that you don't know the answer to a question, but make sure that your other answers are strong so that the interviewer doesn't lose interest. 

    Don't panic if you don't know the answer to an interview question. Just follow these tips, and you'll be able to answer most questions that come your way. Express Employment Professionals can help you during your job search by providing more tips and resources like this one. They want to see you succeed, so contact them today! 

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