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  • Career Advice You Shouldn't Take from Your Parents

    Scottsdale, AZ - March 01, 2023

    2023-02 Employment Services Scottsdale ArizonaFor many of us, our parents are the first people we turn to for advice. But when it comes to career advice, it's important to remember that what worked for them might not work for you. As the world of work is constantly changing and evolving, there are some pieces of advice your parents gave you that are no longer applicable. Here are three pieces of career advice, compiled by a leader in employment services, that you should not take from your parents.

    Accept Your First Job Offer Immediately 

    This was a common piece of wisdom in the past but with today’s job market, it’s no longer true. Today, employers expect you to negotiate salary and benefits packages before accepting a job offer. It’s perfectly acceptable to research similar positions to get an idea of what you should be asking for in terms of pay and benefits. That way, when you receive a job offer, you can know if it’s worth taking or if there may be something out there better suited for you.

    Knock On Doors with a Resume 

    Sure, this may have worked in the past but not anymore! Online applications are the norm, and many companies will expect applicants to use their digital application process rather than handing out paper resumes door-to-door. Make sure that your online presence is up-to-date and professional so that potential employers will have easy access to your resume and other information about yourself during the hiring process.

    Stay In a Safe Job Even If You Hate It 

    We all need a paycheck, but don't settle into a job just because it's "safe" or "stable". If you're unhappy with where your career is headed, don't be afraid to explore different paths or even start over entirely.

    With today's technology and resources available at our fingertips, there are plenty of opportunities out there that allow us to make a living while pursuing something we're passionate about—you just have to be willing to look! Don't be afraid to contact your local staffing company if you need extra help.

    Whatever career path you choose, make sure it's one that truly speaks to who YOU are as an individual—not something someone else wants for you (like your parents). Times have changed since they were looking for jobs, and so has the job market. It's easier than ever before for us to find roles that fit our skillsets and passions, so don't limit yourself! Take control of your career path by doing your research, networking online/offline, exploring new opportunities, and never being afraid to ask questions!

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