3 Reasons To Use A Seattle Recruitment Company in 2019

  • 3 Reasons To Use A Seattle Recruitment Company in 2019

    Seattle, WA - November 16, 2018

    Recruitment Company in Seattle | Express Pros  The new year is right around the corner, which means it's time for performance reviews, bonuses, and taking stock for 2019. This is often a time of year when our recruitment company gets phone calls from business managers. Why? The new year is a great time to streamline your hiring process. Bringing in new team members is always an enormous cost when companies take it on themselves. Express Employment Professionals Seattle can help reduce that expenditure of time, resources, and cost-and bring you higher-quality hires, too. 

    How Our Seattle Recruitment Company can Find Higher-Quality Hires

    How does our Seattle-based recruitment company help businesses in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton secure higher-quality hires? Here's 3 ways we can make a significant impact: 

    1. Higher brand visibility.  Resourceful job-seekers often research a company's brand, social media visibility, and employee reviews to determine its reliability. In Seattle especially, it can be tough to compete for hires when enormous, high-visibility corporations are vying for those same workers. Express Employment Professionals Seattle can help level the playing field. With our globally renowned company, we've been building our brand for over 30 years. When individual job-hunters approach our recruitment company, they know the companies we work with are ones they can trust. 
    2. Active and passive candidates. Our priority is always finding the perfect candidate for hire. We can source both active and passive job candidates. Active candidates are those who are currently on the job hunt. Passive candidates are those who aren't actively looking, but who would be a great addition to your team. With our strong relationships in the HR sector, we can help you secure exceptional talent. This can be especially helpful for executive, management, or highly specific positions. 
    3. Passion above all else.  At Express Employment Professionals Seattle, our recruitment company assists both candidates and companies. We help candidates find jobs they will love, and we help companies find high-quality hires who are excited about the position from day one. This allows us to have honest conversations with both job-seekers and organizations looking for workers. We can help make sure that the candidates we're bringing to you are individuals who are truly passionate about the work that you're doing. 

    In 2019, streamline your hiring process. To get in touch with our recruitment company, contact the hiring experts at Express Employment Professionals Seattle at (206) 443-5627.