4 Red Flags You Need a Seattle Recruiting Service

  • 4 Red Flags You Need a Seattle Recruiting Service

    Seattle - November 01, 2017

    Recruiting Service Seattle No one understands the value of a trusted recruiting service better than the team at Express Seattle - especially in today's fast-paced hiring market. Modern employers need some kind of edge if they want any chance of attracting top-quality candidates. That's where an experienced recruiting agency can make a big difference, helping businesses connect with skilled, highly qualified workers before they're hired by the competition.

    Despite the clear benefits to working with a recruitment service in Seattle, you might be unsure of whether or not a recruiting agency will be worth the investment. To find out, it helps to take a careful look at your current hiring practices and the results they bring to your business. You might notice some warning signs that it's time to look for outside help.

    When Do Seattle Employers Need a Recruiting Service?

    What kind of red flags should employers in the Seattle metro area look for before hiring a recruiting service? In our experience, the four scenarios below are some of the most telling signs that local employers need help with recruitment.

    1. Low Candidate Quality.  You can't hire high-quality candidates if your business isn't attracting them in the first place. It could be that you don't have the resources, experience, or connections to find high-quality applicants. An established recruiting service will know where and how to find the kind of candidates your business needs.
    2. High Turnover Rate.  Problems with recruitment usually lead to poor hiring decisions, putting people in positions where they're ill-equipped to succeed. Workers end up burning out, meaning employers need to fill their position all over again. Recruiting services can help employers in the Seattle area get out of this cycle, delivering better candidates and a better fit on each placement.
    3. Runaway Hiring Costs.  Employers are often shocked (and a little bit horrified) to find out how much they spend on recruiting a single employee. Those costs can be exacerbated by high turnover, recruitment inefficiencies, and other issues. By hiring a recruiting agency, you can stabilize short-term costs, minimize long-term budget-bloat, and improve your recruiting ROI.
    4. Time-Sensitive Openings.  Recruiting services are far better equipped to recruit workers on a short turnaround compared to the average employer. If your business has a time-sensitive job opening, a recruiting agency can connect you with qualified, pre-screened candidates to ensure the opening is filled as quickly as possible.


    Give your business the edge it needs in Seattle's hiring market. Recruiting services from Express Seattle can help you find short-term and/or long-term candidates for your most pressing staffing needs. We proudly work with businesses in central Seattle, south Seattle, Fenton, and other nearby communities.

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