8 Abilities That Impress Employment Firms in Seattle

  • 8 Abilities That Impress Employment Firms in Seattle

    Seattle, WA - January 02, 2018

    Employment Firm Seattle If you're applying to an employment firm in Seattle, WA, you want to make a great first impression. That way, you can increase the quality of the opportunities you're offered, and you can fast-track your search for work in the Seattle area. So how do you go about making that great first impression happen?

    No one's more qualified to answer that question than the team at Express Seattle. Our employment firm takes pride in serving job seekers of all backgrounds, helping them translate their skill sets and backgrounds into job opportunities in places like downtown Seattle, south Seattle, and Renton.

    If you're looking for skills that will impress employment firms in Seattle, here are eight to focus on first.

    Traits Seattle Employment Firms Want in Applicants

    • Enthusiasm for New Opportunities. When you apply to an employment firm like Express Seattle, our recruiters want to know that you're excited about the chance to take on new roles and new responsibilities.
    • Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation. Workers who perform well in self-directed roles are always in high demand with Seattle employers. That means they're also in high demand with local recruiters.
    • Effective Problem Solving Skills. If workplace problems aren't dealt with quickly and effectively, they can spiral into much bigger issues. So use your resume or interview to showcase your problem solving skills.
    • Personal Accountability. Employers want to know they can depend on their team members. That comes down to personal accountability - a sticking point for many employment firms in Seattle.
    • Professional Image. How well you present yourself in applications and interviews says volumes about how you approach your career. Take the opportunity to send a positive message to recruiters.
    • Ability to Transition Quickly. A job placement through an employment firm like Express Seattle often requires getting up to speed quickly. If you're a quick learner, showcase how fast you adapt to new roles and work environments.
    • On-the-Job Communication. A well-functioning workforce depends on clear communication between team members. Seattle employment firms know this, so they pay close attention to candidates' communication skills.
    • Team-First Priorities. Employers - and employment firms - need to know that workers are willing to focus on team goals. Applicants who work well in team environments and put organizational goals first are always appreciated by Seattle's staffing experts.


    Does your skill set seem like a great fit for Express Seattle? Our employment firm is always looking for talented, hardworking job seekers in the Seattle area. Call (206) 443-5627 today to speak with a member of our team, or explore our job listings for Seattle and submit an online application .