How to Find the Right Recruiter in Seattle

  • How to Find the Right Recruiter in Seattle

    Seattle, WA - August 01, 2018

    Recruiter in Seattle | Express Employment Professionals Seattle These days, finding the right candidate in Seattle WA means finding the right recruiter. Seattle's hiring market is so competitive and so fast-moving that the typical HR department can no longer keep up. If you want to hire high-quality candidates, you need to reach those candidates as soon as possible, before other businesses find them. That's much easier with help from recruitment specialists.

    To help you find the right recruitment company for your needs, here are five questions that you should be asking yourself as you evaluate recruiters in Seattle.

    5 Questions for Recruiter Evaluations in Seattle

    Do their placement options fit my needs? Different recruitment companies in Seattle offer different types of worker placements. The most common placements are for temporary contract positions, though some companies also offer the option of hiring workers as part of your permanent workforce. If you're looking for permanent hires, check to make sure this option is available to your business.

    Do they understand my industry and business? Recruitment has become a boom industry over the past decade, and many companies now specialize in specific types of recruitment. Some agencies focus on industrial and commercial job seekers. Others target candidates who are looking for office jobs. To avoid problems, make sure the company you choose has experience in your field.

    Do their hiring practices work effectively and efficiently? A recruitment agency should do a more effective and/or efficient job of hiring workers than you would on your own. What's more, a great recruiter should be able to articulate how they will deliver added value to your business. At Express Employment Professionals Seattle, for example, we use an ISO 9001 certified process with a proven track record of cost-effective recruitment and satisfied clients.

    Do they understand Seattle's hiring market? Without a detailed understanding of Seattle's hiring market, a recruiter will have a hard time finding great candidates. Staffing is a hyperlocal industry, and there are few cities where hiring conditions are more unique than in Seattle.

    Do they prioritize client relationships? The only way for a recruitment expert to understand a business is to spend time building a relationship with that business. Without taking the time to build that initial relationship, a recruiter won't understand what makes your business in Seattle tick, what makes your workforce unique, or what you're looking for when hiring new workers.

    Express Employment Professionals Seattle offers custom recruitment and staffing solutions to employers in Seattle WA, South Seattle, and Renton. Call our recruiters today at (206) 443-5627 to learn more and get started.