Immediate Hirings in Seattle

  • Immediate Hirings in Seattle

    Seattle, WA - October 05, 2018

    Immediate Hirings in Seattle | Express Pros  Finding new hires can be a significant drain on company resources. The time it takes to recruit, interview, and train individuals can cost independent companies up to 150% of the worker's annual salary. For employers seeking candidates for immediate hiring, an employment agency like Express Employment Professionals Seattle is the way to go. Employment agencies can help you tap into a comprehensive network of qualified, eager, prospective hires, all on an expedited timeline. 

    How Our Seattle Area Agency Can Help You With Immediate Hirings 

    When you choose Express Employment Professionals Seattle, we'll help you ensure the immediate hiring of exceptional candidates. Here's how:

    • Shorter timelines. As an employment agency, we have a database of skilled workers across industries, processes in place to narrow down the talent pool, and a trained team dedicated to finding the perfect candidate. All this means shorter timelines to help you find the perfect hire.
    • Active recruitment.  We don't just wait for the perfect candidates to walk in the front door. Express Employment Professionals Seattle conducts candidate recruitment across the region to find qualified professionals for immediate hiring. 
    • Top candidates.  We conduct comprehensive testing to ensure we're only bringing top candidates to the table. From detailed employment verification to thorough reference checks and in-person interviews, we seek individuals who have the right expertise, temperament, and training for the job.
    • Wide search radius.  We know that expanding our search radius will always yield more competitive candidates for a position. With immediate hiring, we source individuals from South Seattle, Renton, and the greater Seattle metropolitan area.

    Choosing Express Employment Professional Seattle 

    As a Seattle-based employment agency, we have the resources, local knowledge, and community reputation to help you source job seekers: 

    • International expertise meets the personal touch.  Since 1990, Express Employment Professionals Seattle has helped companies find staff for immediate hiring. We match the time-tested methods and techniques of our international brand with decades of local expertise and a sterling reputation.
    • A multi-step candidate recruitment process.  Our comprehensive recruitment process allows us to test prospective hires for skills, training, personality, experience, and so much more. We're proud to use an ISO 9001:2000-certified process to get the job done. And you'll always have final say on your hires. 

    Find the right person for the job, on a timeline that works for you. To learn more about securing immediate hirings from Express Employment Professionals Seattle, call (206) 443-5627.