Seasonal Staffing in Seattle: 5 Tips

  • Seasonal Staffing in Seattle: 5 Tips

    Seattle, WA - April 15, 2018

    Seasonal Staffing Seattle Are you a business owner in the Seattle area that needs to hire seasonal or temporary staff? Whether you need a whole department staffed for a month or just a couple workers to get you through the busy season, Express Employment Professionals Seattle can help. Our staffing agency provides reliable and motivated seasonal staffing options that help businesses in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton continue to run smoothly during holidays and seasonal spikes in business.

    If it's time for your company to begin recruiting seasonal staff in the Seattle area, here are a few helpful tips:

    1. Ask employees for referrals.
      Loyal and hardworking employees often know like-minded people, and since they already know the ins and outs of the job, they have insight on which friends or acquaintances might make a great fit.

    2. Hire your best customers.
      Customers that are already enthusiastic about your services or products can make great seasonal employees. Employee discounts on products and services can be very enticing to this group of potential employees since they already use them, especially around the holidays, so be sure to talk up these kinds of incentives.

    3. Offer end of season bonuses to seasonal staff.
      Having to hire mid-season can be costly. Not only does it take time to find new temp staff, but new hires also need to be trained. Consider offering a bonus to staff that entices them to stay through your entire busy season. It's a cost, but it may be more cost-effective than rehiring and training when business is booming.

    4. Keep interviewing through your busy season.
      Even with the best screening, some of your temporary hires may be a little too temporary. Having backup candidates screened and ready to hire will keep you from being short-handed when you need extra help the most.

    5. Use a Seattle based staffing service.
      Even with the best tips and tricks, the seasonal staffing process is time-consuming for Seattle area businesses. When you choose to partner with a professional staffing agency, like Express Employment Professionals Seattle, you get the seasonal workers you need without the arduous tasks that come with the typical recruiting process.  


    We Meet the Seasonal Staffing Needs of Businesses in Seattle

    At Express Employment Professionals Seattle, we provide business in Seattle the seasonal staffing services they need when they need it. Locally owned and operated, we work closely with employers to understand what type of candidates will best suit their needs. We have seasonal staffing options in Seattle available for a variety of positions, including administrative, professional, and commercial, making it easy to add temporary staff to any department. And if a candidate isn't the right fit, just let us know and we can provide a replacement.

    Need to hire seasonal staff in the Seattle area? Call Express Employment Professionals Seattle at (206)443-5627 to learn more about our seasonal staffing services available to businesses in Seattle, South Seattle, Renton, and the surrounding areas.