When Should Seattle Businesses Hire a Temp Agency?

  • When Should Seattle Businesses Hire a Temp Agency?

    Seattle, WA - February 07, 2018

    Temp Agency Seattle Temporary and seasonal staffers play a key role in the Seattle WA economy. When businesses in Seattle take a smart approach to temporary staffing, it's a cost-effective solution to fluctuating workforce needs and unexpected staffing situations. But without outside help - typically from a temp agency like Express Employment Professionals Seattle - temporary staffing can be a challenge for employers to get right.

    If you're unsure whether a temp agency like Express Employment Professionals Seattle would be a strong fit for your business, here's a quick guide to the types of situations best suited to a temp services.


    Should You Hire a Temp Agency in Seattle?


    There are a range of situations where an agency is a smart choice for employers in the Seattle area. Agencies offer a range of advantages, helping businesses overcome a number of common obstacles associated with temporary staffing.

    One area where a temp agency can be particularly useful is in terms of time. In cases where employers have time-sensitive positions they need filled in Seattle, an agency can provide qualified workers with minimal turnaround. Just as important, an agency will save valuable hours that you or your HR department would otherwise need to spend on recruiting and hiring temporary staff.

    Another key benefit to hiring a temp agency in Seattle is cost. Recruiting takes time, and time means money. When you're hiring a temporary staffer, the cost of recruiting, interviewing, and bringing on board could significantly exceed that staffer's payroll expenses. An agency can help you keep recruiting expenses for temporary hires to a minimum, improving your ROI from temp staffing.

    Perhaps most important of all, an agency can help you connect with Seattle's most qualified temporary job applicants. Most job seekers who are looking for seasonal work do so by applying to agencies, so they end up attracting the top candidates. The best temp agencies also benefit from proven placement strategies, which maximize compatibility between workers in Seattle and the roles they are placed in.

    Given all these benefits, here are some of the scenarios where a temp agency like Express Employment Professionals Seattle will be your best bet…


    • When you want to hire a temporary worker for a short-term position (less than 6 months).
    • When you have an urgent workforce vacancy that you need filled as soon as possible.
    • When you need to hire temporary or seasonal staff, but you're pressed for time or money.
    • When you are hiring temporary personnel, and you want to connect with Seattle's top candidates.
    • When you want to optimize the return on investment you see out of temporary hires.


    Does it seem like a temp agency might be a good fit for your staffing needs in Seattle? If so, we invite you to contact the team at Express Employment Professionals Seattle. Our agency works with employers Downtown Seattle, South Seattle, Renton, and other nearby areas.

    Call Express Employment Professionals Seattle today at (206) 443-5627 and to connect with our temp agency and learn more about our services.