Why Seattle Workers Choose Our Staffing Agency

  • Why Seattle Workers Choose Our Staffing Agency

    Seattle, WA - December 01, 2017

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    Over the years, the team at Express Seattle has built a connection with workers in Seattle, WA. Our staffing agency is the first place countless workers go when they need work in the Seattle area. Why? Because we've built our agency around the needs of local job seekers. Here are five key benefits that workers in Seattle enjoy when they choose our staffing agency.

    1. Job Seekers Unlock Opportunity at Our Staffing Agency

    At Express Seattle, the biggest thing our staffing agency has to offer is a wealth of opportunity. We provide staffing solutions for all kinds of positions and businesses, and work with numerous employers in Seattle and Renton. No matter your skills, background, or preferences, we can help you find work in a field, in a role, and in a workplace where you feel at home.

    2. We're Here to Find a Job That Works for You

    A quality staffing agency is distinguished by how well it matches job seekers with job opportunities. It's important to us that you get more than just a paycheck from an Express Seattle placement. Our team will work with you to understand what you're looking for in an ideal job placement. By investing in the interview process, harnessing our years of experience, and applying proven staffing systems, we ensure that workers find positions where they don't just work - they thrive.

    3. Our Staffing Agency Works with Top Employers in Seattle

    Our staffing agency connects workers with opportunities at highly sought and highly respected local employers. A job placement or temporary position with an established local employer can be a catalyst for professional development. Workers gain powerful references, important experience, and have the chance to make a lasting impression.

    4. We Offer the Flexibility Job Seekers Need

    You need a job that fits your life. The team at Express Seattle knows how important this is to any worker. That's why we give workers at our staffing agency the flexibility to choose which areas in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton they want to work, along with their day-to-day availability. You'll have the opportunity to choose which types of positions we pursue on your behalf, and you'll be able to accept or reject any opportunity you're offered as you please.

    5. It's Easy to Get Started with Our Staffing Agency in Seattle

    Getting started with our staffing agency couldn't be simpler for job seekers in the Seattle area. We are constantly updating our online job listings, and we offer a fast, convenient system for applying online. A single application and interview can make you eligible for any number of placement opportunities. Best of all, it costs nothing to browse our jobs, apply to our agency, or use our employment services.


    Get started with Express Seattle today! Browse jobs in Seattle and apply online , or give us a call at (206) 443-5627  to learn more about our staffing agency.