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    Shreveport, LA - August 05, 2021

    Temp Agency in Shreveport | Express Employment Professionals Shreveport The first day at a new job can feel tremendously daunting. You don't know where anything is, you're still learning about the job, and you don't know anyone's name. Temping can be a great way to get over those first day nerves. At our temp agency, we can help you connect to great short-term opportunities in Shreveport and the surrounding area. 

    Temping gives you the chance to perfect your approach on the first day. When you experience a lot of first days, you can quickly get a sense of what's effective and what's not. Here's our few tips for making an impression. 

    3 Tips For A Great First Day On The Job 

    At Express Employment Professionals Shreveport, we know it's easy to feel nervous on your first day. Let's look at a few ways to dispel the nerves, courtesy of the experts at our temp agency: 

    • Get there early.  Showing up late doesn't just look bad to employers, it can also make you feel more frazzled and less confident. Get to work early on your first day! Map out your route, so you know how long it will take, and budget for a little extra time just in case. It gives you a little time to get settled and feel comfortable before you dive in. 
    • Perfect your pitch.  When you're just starting out at a job, you'll get a lot of questions: where were you working before? Where'd you go to school? Perfect a short, snappy introduction for yourself ahead of time, aiming for a high-level overview. It gives you less to think about on the day, and ensures you include any salient details. 
    • Make a friend.  When you feel relaxed around at least one person at work, it's always easier to approach your work with confidence. Plus, it's a great, low-stakes way to network. Try to make one friend on your first day, by eating lunch in the break room or chatting with someone at the coffee machine. It'll help to ease some of your nerves.  

    Find Work With Our Temp Agency in Shreveport 

    Temping is a great way to improve your skills, increase your expertise, and bolster your resume. Our temp agency can help you find work suitable to your career goals, with job openings in: 

    • Shreveport
    • Minden
    • Bossier
    • Benton
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Get started with our temp agency today! Just set up a profile online or call Express Shreveport with any questions:  (318) 226-8777 .