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  • Businesses aren’t built in a lab
    and the real world can throw us a few curve balls.
    We teach our franchisees to sit back,
    be patient, and wait for the right pitch.”


    Jeff Rycroft is a deficit slayer. As Vice President of Risk Management at Express Employment Professionals he oversees the company’s efforts to reduce costs associated with Workers’ Compensation, contractual insurance liability, and unemployment claims.

    Rycroft, his Risk Management team, and the Express franchisees turned a $22 million Workers’ Compensation deficit into a surplus of $15 million. Under his leadership the company has saved roughly $40 million in six years by lowering the state unemployment tax accrual (SUTA) rate.

    An Oklahoma native, Rycroft earned an accounting degree at Oklahoma State University. He has more than 27 years of experience at Express in risk control, liability claims management, risk programs, and Workers’ Compensation loss analysis and claims management.

    He serves on the board of the Oklahoma Injury Benefit Coalition and is a member of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc., the National Alliance for Risk Management, and the American Staffing Association. Rycroft has an associate’s degree in risk management and holds a Certified Risk Manager designation.  

    His speaking engagements have included presentations and seminars for the American Staffing Association and other professional organizations, as well as regional and national conferences and meetings for Express franchise owners and their clients.

  • Jeff Rycroft's topics include the following and can be customized for your audience:

    14X14_Leadership_PURPLE  Accountability Partners: Allocating Workers’ Compensation Costs
    14X14_Leadership_PURPLE  Invest in Collateral Instead of Insurance Companies
    14X14_Inspiration_GREEN  Too Much Risk: What is Your Risk Appetite? 

    14X14_Business_BLUE Business