How Express Stafford Can Help You Find Professional Jobs

  • How Express Stafford Can Help You Find Professional Jobs

    Stafford, VA - April 25, 2019

    Professional Jobs in Stafford | Express Employment Professionals Stafford  You're looking for professional jobs in Stafford or Fredericksburg, but employers don't seem interested. Maybe you get a few interview requests, but nothing is panning out. Does that sound familiar? If so, it might be time to get professional support with your job hunt. The good news is, Express Employment Professionals Stafford can help you, at zero cost to you. 

    At Express, we support job-seekers like you in many different ways. We can help you identify what types of professional jobs you're looking for in Stafford, and assess your skills to see if you're a strong fit. If it looks like you may need to get additional training, don't worry: we have an extensive resource center to help you access essential training opportunities. 

    How Express Stafford Can Help You Access Skills For Professional Jobs

    When it comes to the job hunt, it never hurts to boost your skills and brush up on your training. That's especially true for professional jobs in Stafford, where improved skills can help you cut through the competition. With Express Employment Professionals Stafford, here are just a few of the free training programs we can offer: 

    • Building presentation skills. How you present yourself can make or break a job search. From the clarity of your resume to how you answer interview questions, employers are often assessing these traits to see how you might fit into a professional environment. At Express Employment Professionals Stafford, we provide training videos specifically geared to help you build these valuable presentation skills. 
    • Accessing software courses.  In an office setting, you're likely to spend a lot of time on the computer. Do you have comfort and familiarity with a full range of professional software programs? If you think you're operating at a beginner or intermediate level, take our no-cost software courses today. This resource can allow you to pick up new programs quickly, improve your typing speed, and more.   
    • Improving your writing. With many professional jobs, in Stafford and around the country, having strong writing skills is a must. Take this opportunity to build on your written communication skills! With our comprehensive communications training, you can cultivate exceptional written and verbal skills, so you'll be able to communicate easily and clearly to team members and clients. 

    Get one-on-one career support from Express Employment Professionals Stafford. To find out what types of professional jobs are available to Stafford job-seekers, take a look at our job openings online , or call us today at (540) 720-7007.