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  • Jobs in Fredericksburg

    Stafford, VA - March 11, 2020

    Jobs in Fredericksburg | Express Employment Professionals Stafford Finding jobs in Fredericksburg can feel like a job all on its own - without the benefit of a paycheck. But with our free career services, it doesn't have to be. At Express Employment Professionals Stafford we can help you find work with the leading employers in your field. We can also help you broaden your skill set and make yourself even more marketable as an applicant.

    Express Employment Professionals Stafford is a locally owned and operated staffing firm that has access to the resources and methods of a larger national brand. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with local businesses in Fredericksburg, our applicants can choose from exciting job placements in production and light industrial roles, or explore new opportunities in administration and upper level IT. 

    About Our Jobs in Fredericksburg

    Are you trying to advance your career? Or do you want to apply our skills in a new field altogether? Whatever your short- or long-term goals, our employment professionals are committed to helping you achieve them. We are always looking for motivated applicants for part-time, full-time, and temporary job placements, and are meticulous about finding the right person for every role.

    When you apply for our job seeker services at Express Employment Professionals Stafford, you'll gain an incredible advantage against other applicants in your field. These services include: 

    • Premium job listings chosen for you according to your experience, interests, and what you want to achieve. We take personality and workplace preferences into account too, so we can direct you to the companies you'll be most comfortable with.
    • Endless professional development opportunities - Not only can you add bullet points to your resume with our job placements, but you can also build skills by exploring our online and in-person training options. Read white papers, watch webinars, and talk to our team about other ways to improve your career prospects.
    • Free contract negotiation support - Secure the best terms for your job placements with help from our hiring professionals. We'll fight for you with your future employers so your contract truly reflects your value.

    Express Employment Professionals Stafford Serves Local Job Seekers

    Imagine if, rather than sending out an endless string of resumes - or entering the same details on online applications - you could pick and choose from top-quality jobs with just one interview? 

    Our free employment services are available for job seekers in the following areas:

    • Fredericksburg
    • Fauquier
    • Stafford
    • Spotsylvania

    Ready to get started? Call Express Employment Professionals Stafford at (540) 720-7007 today to find out about our open jobs in Fredericksburg.