Our Staffing Agency in Fauquier

  • Our Staffing Agency in Fauquier

    Stafford, VA - July 13, 2020

    Our Staffing Agency in Fauquier | Express Employment Professionals Stafford For over a decade, Express Employment Professionals Stafford has been connecting businesses in Fauquier with high-quality job candidates in every field. While we specialize in light industrial, commercial production, admin, and IT, our staffing agency can help you find great candidates across all sectors. It doesn't matter if you need skilled labor, entry-level hires, or industry veterans. We have a deep talent pool for every career level throughout the region.  

    Every business has different hiring needs based on the situation. It may be you're replacing a high-level management position and need discreet headhunters to find an experienced professional for the job. Maybe you're experiencing short-term staffing shortages and need temp hires to manage a busy period. Whatever the case is, we can customize our recruitment strategies and find the right person for the job. 

    Comprehensive Recruitment With Our Staffing Agency in Fauquier 

    With Express Employment Professionals Stafford, our team will manage every part of recruitment. We rely on our very own, ISO 9001:2000-certified vetting process in order to assess each and every candidate based on their skills, experience, qualifications, and even temperament.

    We're never just looking for the person who is most likely to succeed on paper. For companies in Fauquier, we always evaluate prospective hires comprehensively. That way, we can make sure we're bringing you the person who can truly thrive in this position.

    In doing so, we can remove the time and uncertainty from any recruitment process, providing quality candidates for short-term positions as well as high-level placements. Before we start, experts from our staffing agency always check with you to ensure we fully understand what you're looking for. That way, we can make sure we're always using the right recruitment strategies to target exceptional hires. 

    About Our Expert Hiring Professionals from Express Employment Professionals Stafford

    With our staffing agency, you get the benefit of expert HR specialists. The team at Express Employment Professionals Stafford works year-round in recruitment, so we're always tapping into an extensive talent pool in: 

    • Fauquier
    • Stafford
    • Fredericksburg
    • Spotsylvania
    • And throughout the area

    We don't just take a hands-on approach with businesses. We also work one-on-one with job-seekers to boost their overall skills, improve on existing training, and become truly high-caliber candidates. It means when we bring you our top picks for any position, you can trust they're excellent in every way. 

    If you have positions available in Fauquier within production, light manufacturing, IT, or admin, our staffing agency is here to help. Call Express Employment Professionals Stafford at  (540) 720-7007 to learn more.