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    Express Jobs Susan McNamara and David Willett
    Susan McNamara and David Willett


    David Willett and Susan McNamara have worked together for the past 10 years. Willett focused on HR and benefits while McNamara's responsibilities were logistics and distribution. It wasn't until conversations with Fort Mendes, owner of Express Employment Professionals in Norwood, MA, that they really began to consider owning their own business. 

    "We wanted control of our destiny," said David Willett. "We were ready to work for ourselves."

    Franchising was an ideal solution for the pair as Willett will readily admit they both are risk adverse and more comfortable with the tried and true. 

    "I've known Fort for almost 10 years and he had a very good idea of who I was and what my passions were," said McNamara. "As a result, he told me that he thought David and I would be great for Express and we should look into the opportunity." 

    On the recommendation of Mendes, they began to research Express and eventually found themselves in Oklahoma City at Express International Headquarters for Discovery Day. 

    "It really wasn't until Discovery Day when I had the opportunity to meet everyone that I absolutely knew this was for me," said McNamara. "Everyone was so nice, extremely helpful, welcoming, and most of all, genuine. That meant so much to me." 

    "Discovery Day was awesome," added Willett. "The entire atmosphere was phenomenal. And then you get to meet all of the staff and all of them are incredible people. They make it a place where you not only want to work, but you want to emulate it at your own office." 

    The journey for Willett and McNamara didn't end with Discovery Day, as they were soon awarded the Taunton-Fall River, MA, Express location. With the award, it was time for them to roll up their sleeves and get to work. With Express' proven process, they are confident they will see success. 

    "Follow the process and you'll be fine," said Willett. "The process makes everything less overwhelming and far more palatable. Everyone is ready to help us-from the support center to the executives-which helps me not panic about every detail." 

    "I think the Express process is great," said McNamara. "It is so nice to work with an organization that not only has a process, but lives it out in the day-to-day operation." 

    Willett and McNamara might be new to the staffing industry, but they are ready to take it by storm with their determination, attitude, and shared values. 

    "The philosophy of Express is perfect for me," said Willett. "There is a reason to what we do and when you help people, it gives you a reason to get out of bed each morning."  

    "Throughout my entire life, I have always looked for ways to help others," said McNamara. "I am excited about finding an organization that shares the same values. It will be so rewarding to help so many people and really make a difference in their lives. Having this opportunity to help others in such an impactful way while being able to support myself and my family is the perfect career for me." 

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